Hi all,

I am delighted to say that HMAS Ballarat has invited some of our volunteers, including me, to be there on the wharf when they come home.   I leave tomorrow morning and will be home on Monday evening. 

Gail has kindly agreed to take care of the laptop for me and therefore will be answering emails until Tuesday morning.  I will be monitoring the social media and the emails as usual. 

Huge thanks to Gail because having to take the laptop to Perth would mean a lot of dragging cases with two hands and no walking stick.. plus trying to fit in answering emails with the meetings and catch ups I will be having. As well as being there when HMAS Ballarat comes home I will be able to catch up with my Aunty, who is well in her 90’s, for the first time in 3 years.  Perth is my home town so I am very excited to be going home…. but

I am also going to meet a couple of amazing people… as well as the families and crew from HMAS Ballarat… but no hints… I will share more when I get home.. 

I will be completely back online on Tuesday morning.

Have a great weekend all, I know I will. 

Till then, keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

Jan-Maree xx