Howdy everyone,

After Kylies’ great block, that proved extremely popular last month (see here if you missed it), I thought I’d better smarten my act up somewhat, so I’ve come up with a two part BOM….don’t panic, both blocks are very simple, and can be tackled by anyone….beginners to advanced quilters.

This month, we’re going to make a Bordered Block, just like the one in the pic below.

Cutting instructions:
6″ Centre square (can be patterned or plain)
Border 1: Two pieces 2 & 1/2″ x 6″
Border 2: Two pieces 2 & 1/2″ x 10″

Here are all the pieces cut out, ready to be sewn.

Please do a test measurement on a scrap of fabric to make sure you are using a 1/4″ seam allowance, otherwise your block (s) might not end up the right size.

Below I have sewn some tests with different quarter inch feet.  You can see there are minor differences.

In the above pic, you can see, that whilst there’s only a slight difference between them (click on the photo if you need to see it a bit larger), over the measurement of a few blocks, it can throw things out…..if half the blocks are made using Foot 1 in the example and the rest are made using Foot 3, it could really throw things out of whack….so please, grab a scrap of fabric, and test out your 1/4″ foot/seam allowance and adjust where you sew, to make it accurate….it makes piecing the quilts so much easier if everything is uniform.  Thanks.

Now that you’ve tested your 1/4″ seam is true, and not too big, or scant (small) we can get started on the sewing of the block.

Take your centre square, and the two 6″ border pieces.  Sew, using a 1/4″ s.a. (seam allowance) to two opposite sides.  Beginners, please pin the borders to the square (such as I did for the tutorial pics) as it will help hold things in place, just remember to remove the pins as you sew towards them. (It’s said you can sew over the pins, when pinned in the manner I did, HOWEVER, I’ve seen needles bent and even broken and flying off in different pieces, so it’s not worth the risk in my opinion)

Press the seams away from the centre square, as shown.  If you’re still unsure if you’ve used a 1/4″ s.a. then please take a moment to measure your partly completed block now, it should measure 6″ x 10″.

Now take the other two border pieces, and sew these to the other two sides of the centre section.

Again, press the seams away from the centre square.

Your block is now complete, only thing left to do, is re-measure it, if all is well, it will measure 10″ square.  Please send them without trimming them at all.

Wrong side

Right side

Please pat yourself on the back for a job well done!

Preferred block colours – Masculine colours please (we need more ‘boy’ quilts than we do ‘girl’ quilts.
Border pieces can all be the same, or 4 different ones (so is a bit of a scrap buster block).

Please send completed BOM blocks to:

Aussie Hero Quilts
Attn: Naomi Vela
1 Obst St
Berri SA 5343

You can get a pdf version of this tutorial by clicking HERE
Stay tuned for next month for the other half of this 2 block BOM, and start collecting 3.5″ (3 & 1/2″) squares of different coloured fabrics, novelty fabrics would work well if they’re not a big print.

To our troops I wish you well, stay safe, and to all the Friends of AHQ, stay safe too, but hopefully, this BOM will have you in ‘stitches’ lol