Hi All

Well, the new laptop is installed and I am now in the process of working out how to use it.  my photos haven’t been transferred over yet but my husband will do that tonight.  Honestly I would love to be able to do all these things for myself but it is either a case of learn how to do everything or keep running AHQ and I know what i would rather do!

So, a picture-less post but I hope you can cope for one night.  🙁

Just a reminder that the Aussie Heroes Dinner in Sydney is scheduled for 
Saturday 8 December 
630 for 7pm.
at the Bistro
Hornsby RSL
4 High St

We thought this would be a good option for many reasons.   It is affordable.   We can be very flexible with the numbers changing them at the last minute if people find they can come.  
We can sit and after our meal as long as we want.  I
t’s close to the train station for those travelling by public transport and it has lots of parking.  
We can chat to our hearts content and won’t disturb anyone.
We tried to book our own function room, but left that option a little late, maybe next year !!
If you are a definite please get back to Caroline (aka Deputy Nut ca***********@gm***.com) and she will add your name(s) to the list.

If you would like to come please let Caroline know – even if you have told one of us verbally could you please email her direct as it makes it easier for us to check the numbers.

We Sydney-siders and visitors are not the only ones who are thinking of staging a get together.

Nancy in WA has a bunch of ladies who are also interested in meeting up.  At this stage possible dates are 12th or the 13th of December, somewhere in the Midland Area.  So far the thoughts are for a 9-930am start for morning tea, maybe into lunch.
If you are interested please contact Nancy.

 Her email address is ha******@ya***.au

How about some thank you messages seeing as I can’t show you pictures – first for Julie Ann

My quilt and laundry bag has arrived. I’m sorry I haven’t E-mailed you earlier, been a little busy. They both look great and I’ll endeavour to take some photo’s and send to you and the lady who made them.
Thank you very much and your ladies do a great job.
Hi Wendy, Jan… and Nan Scott!
I just received my laundry bag in the mail, with the assorted goodies.
Thanks very much – it’s awesome.

For Rae (quilt) and Deb (Laundry Bag)

 I absolutely love both items. I have been going flat out, and it was one of my job list items today to write a thank you to you. Finally a little breathing space.
Was shocked to see it had my name on it, very touched as well. 
Can you please pass on my thanks. It is truly one of the nicest gifts I can recall receiving….ever…it really is that special. 

One for the Fabric Happiness Fairies..

I spoke to XXXX last night and he said he received his quilt.  It looks fantastic, and he was so thankful for the special gift.  You all do such a fantastic job and it is greatly appreciated.  This makes their time over there a little bit more comfortable.
 Thanking you,

Do you remember Diane’s bright beautiful double sided quilt?
You can refresh your memory but checking it out here if you like.

Dear Dianne I received your quilt today, it’s beautiful. 
I can appreciate the work you put into it even though it is not one of my strong points. The patience that would be required is mind blowing, personally, I would be lucky get out a small napkin. I love the colours too, while the landscape is beautiful over here it is exactly what you see in pictures.. 
My job is logistics in country, it is constant day in day out routine keeping up with requests from our dependencies. Never a boring day had so far and the challenges are ongoing. Having come from the top end I am freezing, I expect to look like a Michelin man shortly when the coats and pants come out. 
It is a great honour to serve the country and the thoughtful gifts the many women/men sent are appreciated. As a soldier and a mother I can’t tell you how fortunate I feel being born in Australia, grateful everyday. 
Thank you again 


For something a little different, Cat recently made a couple of gorgeous Stack and Slash Star Quilts and an interesting modern quilt.  If you want to know what I am talking about you will need to go to her blog, but you should go anyway as she has been kind enough to write tutorials for both of them and they are worth checking out – here and here

Thanks so much Cat.

Seeing I can’t show you any pictures I thought I would paint some pictures for you – some pictures of the appreciation for what we do that comes across in the requests I receive.

. Some people here in my work place told me about the quilts and laundry bags they have received from you, and I am very interested. They quilts are just lovely and would come in handy as it is really starting to get quite cold here, and I still have 4 months left on my tour.
Anything you could send over would be lovely, as well as a nice reminder of my time here.

May I please request one of you spectacular Aussie Hero Quilts.  My boss and a couple of workmates received them and they are awesome. 

And sometimes, not even a request but a thank you without asking for anything.  This in response to one of Michelle’s gorgeous quilts.

Hi Jan-Maree,
I work with XXXXXXXXX and just saw the fabulous quilt and laundry bag that he received and would like to compliment you and your team on such a wonderful gesture.  XXXXX raves about the quality and workmanship on the quilt and laundry bag.
He doesn’t usually brag much about anything, however, XXXXX is extremely proud and humbled by the wonderful gift that you sent him.
Anyway, I just wanted to pass on some feedback to you that you have made XXXXX’s deployment that little bit easier knowing that there are people thinking of the guys and girls over here.
Kindest regards and thanks again,

Photos tomorrow night I hope.

Till next time…………..keep spreading the word and happy stitching!