Hi all.  I hope you have all had a lovely weekend where ever you are and that includes all of you lovely people “over there” and you wonderful wives, husbands and partners keeping the home fires burning!

Gasp!  Only four more sleeps till I pack the car and head to Canberra.  Hope I don’t forget anything!  

Let’s cover those toes!
Over the last few weeks I have been doing a bit of research with regards to the sizes of our quilts.  I wanted to make sure that the size was right.  What we are aiming for is a quilt that is wide enough to sit on top of a single bed and long enough to go from under the pillow to the foot of the bed.  I also want it to be versatile enough that a big burly fellow can wrap it around his shoulders whilst sitting around a camp fire – a shorter wider quilt will not do this job hence our longer skinnier versions.  

What I have accidentally discovered is that some of the quilts sent over are shorter than the prescribed size, and though they may have been beautifully constructed, are not really practical for more than a lap quilt and that is just not as versatile as we need.

So, I decided to use tonight’s post to reinforce the specifications for our quilts.  I have also re-written the quilt specifications page listed above to reflect the changes.  If anyone finds anywhere that the sizes of the quilts are mentioned where I need to make further changes please let me know.

New Specifications

From now on when you start a new quilt could you please make your quilts 42″ wide (or width of normal patchwork fabric) and from 70-75″ long.  Please use only cotton batting for versatility and breathability and bindings can be machine or hand sewn.

Each quilt must have an Aussie Hero label on it – you can print these using printable paper or you can hand write them using a pigma pen or similar.

The wording for the label is as follows:

This is an
 made for an
Aussie Hero
Serving  Overseas
with gratitude for your service.

I have included the new email address but use up any you already have with the old one – I will be!  Also feel free to add a line at the end that says who the quilt was made by of course.
Of course it goes without saying that if you have a quilt underway and can’t lengthen it, don’t worry.  Just plan for it for your next one.

Lately a number of people have commented on how hard it has been to get their quilt into the box.  I can only assume this has something to do with the choice of batting.  Just for information I use the thinnest cheapest cotton batting for ALL my quilts and find it great to quilt with but also have no problem getting the quilts into the boxes.  Maybe a thinner batting will help.

Don’t for get your July BOMs.  
The month is nearly over and we have received some lovely ones.  If there are any more out there can you please let me know.

Another couple of thank you messages!
Caroline sent of this great quilt  and today she received a thank you email.

I just wanted to say that your quilt and laundry bag arrived today. Thanks so much, they really are great, and I love the touch with the ANFs (Australian National Flags).

You have done a fantastic job with them and its is nice to have something truly special from someone back home who appreciates our efforts. Please pass on my thanks to all the other ladies who are helping to make Aussie Hero Quilts for personnel serving overseas.

Best wishes, and many, many thanks,

Erika sent a quilt and Marg sent a laundry bag to this lovely lady and here is her response

I want to say, Erika and Marg, Thank you so much for the quilt and laundry bag you made for me they are brilliantly made and will be a wonderful keepsake for ever as a reminder of my Service for our country and that we had the support from the people that mean the most to us, the Australian public, the quilt has pride and place in my room and the laundry bag will be used very much during the time I have left here. I will get a couple of photos later to send to show off your wonderful work.
We all are glad to hear of all the wonderful people like yourself who are thinking of us over here.
Thank you very much for your thoughts and wishes (oh and I cannot forget to mention the yummy extras added into the package and the lip balm is always good in this terrible heat we are in at the moment)


We are in the Press again
The Penrith Press.

Good for Aussie Heroes but …..Hmmmm I am having to get used to having my photo taken – Honestly!  The things I do for Aussie Heroes!  
This is probably the only thing I don’t like!

And don’t forget our next sewing day!
Please come and join

the Lovely Warrant Officer’s wife, Jennie,  and I

to sew for Aussie Heroes in Canberra?

On Saturday the 4th of August we are looking for your skills and your time to help us create more quilts and laundry bags. All materials will be provided and instructions available where needed. All you need to bring is your sewing machine, a neutral thread and a smile.  
The Centre is located on Gymkhana Drive in Duntroon.  You don’t need ID to get on the base so everyone is welcome.  Tea and coffee provided.  BYO lunch and snacks.  

Please note – they are a nut free centre as a 3 year playschool runs there during the week and a couple of the children are highly allergic.

Till next time…….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!