I received a big box today and was dying to see what was in it!  I pulled out the three quilts first and lay them out of the floor to drink in all the colours and then I had to go away and sort the kids out.  Look what I found when I came back.  Snickers has a gorgeous leather chair and ottoman to snuggle on, a perfectly good sofa, even, in a weak moment, a number of actual DOG beds!  But, as a true quilters dog, any time a quilt happens to be on the floor that is her bed of choice!
Cute huh!  Such a madam!  Really!!!
So, now without the help of Snickers, let me show you the quilts.  
These were all made by the wonderful Tarnyia.   
And as if that isn’t enough she included all this binding and the lollies!
Thanks so much Tarnyia!!!

I have been asking around and a friend of mine who works for the Dept of Defence was finally able to tell me that. although it fluctuates a little with comings and goings, in general we have a ratio of 80% guys to 20% gals serving in Afghanistan at any one time.  So might I suggest that if you are making multiple quilts it would be good to try and keep to the same ratio – 4 quilts for guys to every girly quilt.

And as you know I launched Aussie Hero Quilts (and Laundry Bags) on facebook last night and so far we have a respectable 30 followers and a number of them are completely new to Aussie Heroes!  Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!

Till next time………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!