I don’ t know whether I should put this post up or not but what the heck.  
If you want to understand why I have such strong feelings about Aussie Heroes, why it is so deeply embedded in my heart, 
check out my other blog.  

If not, that is fine too, come back again for tomorrow’s post.

22 years ago today, about 8 years into my 15 years of service in both the RAAF and the RAN, I married my own Aussie Hero.  No, he never served overseas – it wasn’t as common back then.  

But if he had, and if he was over there now, I would want to know that all of my country was behind him and cheering him and his workmates on.

We might not look the same but such is life.  He is still the best thing in my life. 

Till next time…………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!