First up four fabulous laundry bags from Anne in South Australia!  These are going to be very popular!
I also received a gorgeous bundle from Kath in QLD including a girly quilt, some extra strips for the back, some fabric for binding and some $ for batting – someone is going to love this quilt!

And we weren’t the only ones receiving mail.  This quilt and the two quilts made from quilt tops made by Tarnyia (which you can see here) all arrived at their destination this week.   This is for our quilting Major and was made by my new blogless friend from WA, Marg.  I haven’t shown a picture of it before as I didn’t want to spoil the surprise just in case our quilting Major read the blog.  I think it is wonderful.

 Love these stitcheries!  “the difficult done daily, the impossible performed overnight, miracles by appointment”.  Cute huh! 

I don’t think Marg or the Quilting Major will mind if I share a couple of portions of the thank you email Marg received.

“I received your very beautiful quilt in the mail today and you have certainly made my week, a truly high point in my time here. I can’t thank you enough and to celebrate I’m going to change my bed linen, put it on my bed and sleep under it tonight. My office is filled with colour, quilts for the two girls on my team arrived today as well as the laundry bags. I’m a quilter myself so I’m in seventh heaven. Unfortunately apart from a bit of knitting there’s been little opportunity to do any of that and I must say I miss it. I need to send the other quilts to different locations which are also very cold at the moment and I’ll ask for photos of the quilts actually on the beds and send them to Jan-Maree to put on the Aussiequilt site. 

I don’t underestimate the effect your quilts and crafts have on the guys over here. It’s lovely to realise that so many australians are thinking of the troops over here and although we are very well looked after it’s the little things that we all miss and gifts like yours bring home a bit closer and generally there’s a warm glow. I know for a fact that the guys are enthusiastic about them as well.”

If that doesn’t give you a bit of a warm fuzzy feeling you must be a snowman!  

Till next time……..keep spreading the word and happy stitching!