How awesome do these quilts look!  These are three BOM quilts, the first two are the nine patches from February – this yellow one will be marked for a girl.  It has a lovely yellow and white floral backing and with the little bits of pink in it I think it is too soft and pretty for a guy.

  Hopefully these photos make it a bit easier for you to pick out your blocks if they are in there.

  I really like the secondary pattern that you get with this one – the result of all the “lights and darks” being in the same place in each block.

I always think it is amazing that you can have two very different fabrics in the one quilt and because it is a scrap quilt it just works when you look at the big picture – for example the african masks and the lady bugs.
And finally the pinwheel quilt from the March BOMs.  I think this is pretty much gender neutral don’t you think?

 A big thank you goes out to Carol for doing a lovely fast job of stipple quilting and binding these four quilts for me!  There is one more nine patch BOM quilt to go but it is being completed in by Larissa in the NT.  With a little toddler of her own, who has been ill recently, it might be a little longer before we see it but it will be ready when it is needed I am sure.

This lovely quilt top was made by Gail!  I really love this one.  I think I told you before that Gail makes those tiny 3″ finished nine patches to use up scraps and when she has enough she makes a quilt!

How is everyone going with their April BOM blocks?  A couple of people have told me they are working on some.  Is anyone else working on them or are you all waiting, with rotary cutter blade poised for the May BOM?   No hints tonight, but I am hoping to get my first one sewn tonight.  I just may give you a hint tomorrow.

All is ready for the Aussie Heroes working day tomorrow.  We were going to be layering three quilts but when Carol dropped of the above four she took those three with her to quilt for me again!  Thanks again Carol!  So, we will be getting straight on to cutting up some of the donated fabrics into backings, laundry bag liners and laundry bag outers.  I need to get the fabric sorted and folded as much as possible this week as it is driving me nuts where it is.  Weeks ago we received about 6-7 huge garbage bags of donated fabric.  I have gone though it and separated out the stuff that we can use and the stiff we can’t and now it is time to stow away the fabric we are keeping.  Cutting some of it up in advance will save some space.   Soon I hope to get a couple of dress maker types to come and identify the fabric we can’t use so that I can list it on ebay and see if we can raise some funds for AHQ.   A few dollars are always handy to buy batting, cording, thread,. rotary blades and so on!

Till next time……………..keep spreading the word and happy stitching!