Well here it is – our May BOM.  It is called the 
and is really just a simple nine patch with a narrow border added all around.  It is then slashed one way, sewn back together with a strip added.  Slashed the other way and a strip added again. 

This block was discovered by Naomi and after checking with me she gained permission from Sophie for us to use it and also for use to refer to her tutorial rather than me having to do one myself.  You can find the tutorial here.  If you look at the tutorial and go down to the bottom you will see a whole heap of blocks together and they look gorgeous!

They also so look really gorgeous On point.  

You can see another photo here.

Now some of you might look at this block and be a little daunted by it.  It really is a simple block.  I suggest you give it a go and I think you might surprise yourself.  Cutting accurately and using your quarter inch seam are essential but you should do both all the time anyway, but that become even more crucial when you are participating in a group project.  Apart from that the only fiddly bit is matching up the seams on opposite sides of the dividing strips.  Like I said, try one and see how you go.  If you still don’t feel confident but you still want to contribute then stop after step three and send the blocks to me to slice and finish off.

There is a slight mistake in the cutting instructions so I have copied them here and made the necessary correction.  You probably would have worked it out for yourself sometimes it can be frustrating if you don’t notice the mistake till you are ready to sit and sew!

3-inch squares: 4 from background, 5 from plaid

1 1/2 by 8-inch rectangle: 2 from background

1 1/2 inch by 10-inch rectangle: 2 from background

1-inch by 10 inch rectangles: 2 from contrast

Now, colours!

The five coloured squares can be anything – patterned, plain, any colour but at least a medium or dark tone.  The strips that dissect the block just need to contrast with the rest so that you can see them and the background just needs to be a real light – not necessarily white or cream but whatever you use please make it very pale.  As long as you have enough contrast between all three your block will be fine.  

I think that is all you need to know but don’t hesitate to leave a comment if you have any questions.  And don’t stress, just do your best -there are no quilt police allowed in Aussie Heroes!

I have already planned the block for June – absolutely no hints but you might like to save your skinny scraps – and don’t try and get coz I am not telling!

Anyone with April BOM blocks could you please let me know to expect them so I can wait for them before putting the quilt top together.

Till next time…………keep spreading the word and happy stitching!