Look what AHQ received today!   These are nine 80cm pieces for nine laundry bags sent to us from Kate in Queensland.  She also included 5m of calico for the lining but I didn’t take a pic of that – calico looks like calico.  But get a load of these great stripes and african fabics.  These won’t get lost easily!!!

Thanks Kath!   That makes for nine happy soldiers.  

I am spending as much time as is needed before Wednesday to make sure I have labels and backings all ready for the quilts we are going to layer.  Once that is done I will have another cutting out party and cut out a while lot of laundry bags, including these ones.  My goal, starting February is one laundry bag a week.

And now, after a couple of days doing lots of AHQ and lots of baking and errands and mum’s taxi driving today, I am off to do some Cherry Red sewing for me!!!

Keep spreading the word and till next time……happy stitching!