Lots and lots of preparations going on here.  Big day coming up on Wednesday – layering and pinning day!
first up I finished up some binding – love this zingy green!  
 Then I made labels – printed them off using printable paper.  Rinsed them of excess dye, dried them, added a border to each that would reasonably coordinate with the backing.  Most labels get a bit of Aussie flag fabric and then another Aussie fabric on the other two sides.  All the boys’ quilts have this lovely outback red fabric on them but that didn’t seem appropriate for the girls’s quilts.
It might have been okay on this peach backing but I liked the green gumnuts!
And it would have clashed with the japanese fabric.
 I really like this black floral.  
 Most of the labels are fused and placed on an angle.  This way they will never be crooked!  We decided to fuse for durability given the wear and tear these quilts will receive.
 I set this one into the backing as I had to piece the backing anyway.
 The same with this one.  And here I just didn’t think the Aussie fabric would contribute, rather I thought it would compete just too much!
And now I have a stack of backings ready for me to satin stitch around the labels and then they are all ready for Wednesday.
Till next time……..happy stitching!