Firstly the mail!  Look what I received today!  I have photographed the boxes on my sofa so you can see how big they are – three lovely big boxes
which contained these!  Six, yes 6, fabulous queen size cotton battings!!!  
If I have done my maths correctly (and that is always in doubt) this is enough batting for 18 quilts!  WOO HOO!!!  This is great considering Cynthia, Del and I just spent yesterday layering 14 quilts and used up the bulk of our batting supplies.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, Karen!!!  You are the best!

Now the first official mailing date is coming up – 15 March to 15 April – in time to get quilts and laundry bags over the Afghanistan  in time for ANZAC DAY!  What I would really like is a show of hands.  If you are planning on making a quilt (or more than one…..) which will be ready to send during the above period, either direct to Afghanistan or to me, can you please let me know.  I am trying to get a feel for how many there will be.  This is just for my own information.  Even better, if you have a quilt underway, how about sending me a picture to post and share on the blog.  I am sure everyone would like to see what you are doing.  

And now for some other happy news – one of these two quilts was received by its new owner yesterday.  
Tarnyia made this quilt top… 
 and supplied the pretty nine patch blocks to make this top.
This same person also received one of these laundry bags (AE) made by me.

And this was the response-

“I have just returned to my office from lunch to find two parcels on my desk. As you can imagine, getting parcels at the best of times is exciting, but getting them whilst over here, where the temperature is -2 to -10 and the hot water has been turned off for the past week (so far), resulting in cold/no showers, no laundry facilities and outdoor portaloos, is a thousand times more exciting!!!!

Jan Maree, thank you so much for taking the time, effort and trouble to create such a wonderfully personalised and distinctly unique laundry bag – it is perfect for quick and easy identification of my laundry in a sea of a hundred modified string vest laundry bags!!!! Due to water restrictions I am unable to do any laundry at the moment but fortunately this bag is the perfect size to hold the increasing amount of thermals etc. I am struggling to continue to recycle!!! Thank you sincerely again.

Tarnyia, I remember growing up my mother made a top quilt for both of my sisters, but she never got round to making one for me…. needless to say I felt sorry for myself!! I was so thrilled to receive the top quilt you spent time and patience to create for me. I love it! The colours, the fact I can use both sides and the size is perfect too! It really is lovely and when I return to my room tonight, which I share with two other girls, I am confident they will be seriously jealous of my top quilt and the fact that I no longer have to use a boring brown blanket!!! 

I feel incredibly lucky to have been the recipient of such personal gifts and assure you they will be well used in the weeks and months left to come over here and in the years to come when back home in AS.

I wish you both and the rest of the team at Aussie Hero Quilts all the best for the future…. keep on quilting cos its not getting any warmer over here!!!!”

Isn’t that a lovely message and doesn’t it just inspire you to sew a little more – I know it does me! 
And OH  MY GOSH no hot showers, no laundry and and OUTSIDE PORTALOO in those temps!!!  Brrrrrr!!!
And I also received this from the recipient of one of the masculine laundry bags in the photo above, both of which were made by Christine from QLD-

“Today I was surprised, touched and humbled to receive a hand made and personalised laundry bag courtesy of Aussie Hero Quilts. I just wanted to send a quick e-mail of thanks for the thought, gesture, time, effort and care that clearly went in to making it.  It is a great feeling to know that we are appreciated and in the thoughts of people other than our families and loved ones, and that they support us and the job we do over here.”

Now that has just made my day!  Hope it has made yours!

Till next time…………..keep spreading the word and happy stitching!