But I am not sharing it all with you today.  I am going to stretch it out so we can enjoy everyone’s work individually.  This is Maria’s work.  Four really cool laundry bags in great colours.
 And then five – YES FIVE quilt tops.  Two masculine….
some great colours in these
 One feminine in chic black and white – I see this with a bright solid colour for binding!  Lime green, hot pink, cherry red?  
 And two more blokey quilts!
 some really great novelty fabrics too.
Maria also included backing for the tops – great!!!
Thanks so much Maria.  
Last night I told you that I needed to confirm if there was a way to label our boxes so that the people distributing them knew if there was a feminine quilt inside or a masculine one.  Overnight I got word that there  will be no problem – we can just address it to A FEMALE SOLDIER.  That is easy.  I also got confirmation that it is possible to send a bundle of laundry bags and just address the box to AN ADF SECTION and then  it will be handed to ‘Division’, ‘Platoon’, ‘Section’ for distribution by the OIC or commander as appropriate.  Easy!  
This is a really busy week for me.  My quilt group meets here tomorrow and so I spent today cooking their morning tea (see the Cherry Red blog if you want to see what I baked) and I also had to do some grocery shopping and run around after kids.  I am looking forward to a couple of quieter days on Thursday and Friday – I am planning to layer or quilt some more quilts.
I have had word of another donation or two but I don’t want to say anything till it is confirmed. And I have also had emailed promises of more quilts which is so exciting!
Launch date for our BOM is February the 2nd so stay tuned.  If you want to sort through your stash for each block you will need two colours, one light and one dark.   I will be teaming the blocks with this fabric – a cool lettered faded red.  I think this will make a great masculine quilt so no flowers or pinks etc please.
Till next time…………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!