I thought you would like to know that I just got a phone call from the Welfare Officer from the 4th Regiment of the Australian Artillery in Townsville telling me that the laundry bags we sent up for their efforts during and after the floods are still being handed out.  He said that they have been so busy and have had to wait til they could get together to do it, but that once handed out the guys and girls love them and are delighted to have received them. 

Don’t underestimate the value of a simple laundry bag.  They appreciate the work that goes into them, the amazing and varied designs, and the sentiment behind them all.

They are now working on taking as many photos as they can which will be shared on their Facebook page,  which you can find here,  when they are ready. 

I will share some of the photos when they have been released but in the mean time, another big thank you to all those of you who made and sent the bags to Townsville.  The gesture ha been much appreciated.

Till next time… keep spreading the word and happy stitching!
Jan-Maree xx