Welcome to all the new people who are viewing the blog.   Hope you like it and feel encouraged to stick around and get involved.  We have gone from averaging around 100 page views a day to rapidly increasing to the high hundreds, then over two hundred and for today, so far, into the 400’s.  Whatever you are doing to spread the word keep it up!
Just a reminder – please ensure your fabrics, particularly for the laundry bags, are colourfast and have been pre -washed.  I find it handy to throw a Shout Colour Catcher in with the completed laundry bag (or you can wash the fabric first if you like but I can’t stand all the fraying edges you get).  If the Colour Catcher comes back with colour on it then I wash again with a scrap of white material and that way, if the white fabric doesn’t absorb any dye, I can be confident that there will be no colour run.  It might seem like a lot of trouble and most fabrics don’t need this sort of attention but batiks and colours like red can be unreliable.  Afterall we don’t need any pink soldiers.  
 Check this out.  The Patchwork Orange and Janome Sewing Centre has posted about our facebook page on their facebook page and is encouraging others to get on board and sew for the soldiers!  Awesome!  
This is what awaits my sewing machine tomorrow.  Twenty laundry bags all ready to sew!
And these are waiting for their borders so that I can have them ready to go when needed.
And this morning these nine quilts were waiting patiently for their bindings to be sewing on
so I did lots of this – thanks to Tarnyia from WA and Sue from QLD I always seemed to have just the right coloured binding for the quilt I was doing including some great scrap bindings!
The end results was this pile of happy quilts waiting to be folded and delivered to two lovely ladies, Del and Sharon, for the hand sewing!  Psst, do you like my Mickey Mouse drawer pulls? 
Why have boring round ones when you can have a bit of whimsy!  Not sure my hubby gets it but it is my office so I rule!
After the binding, I did a bit of this
for Cynthia
whose son is in Afghanistan
and she is making laundry bags for anyone she gets a name for who is over there at the moment.
It was a busy day but a very satisfying one!
Till next time……………keep spreading the word and happy stitching!