It has been a busy weekend here.  All sorts of things to do – grocery shopping, kids here there and everywhere, all the usual activities of life but I still managed a bit of sewing.   My goal today was to get enough labels sewn to use in the 13 quilts that are here waiting to be quilted. 
 Tomorrow I hope to get all thirteen sewn on all the backings but I have Tuesday up my sleeve if don’t quite get there.
On Wednesday a few of the Gumnuts are coming over and we will get as many of the eleven quilts layered as we can.  I just need to make sure that I have all the labels on the backs and all the backs pieced where necessary.
On Friday Caz has volunteered to come over and help me quilt some.  I am really looking forward to that!  Can’t wait to meet her and also can’t wait to see how many we get done!
Now this one, Maisy, is giving me the look – Mum, isn’t it time for bed, I am so tired!
I think I will take the hint – lots to do tomorrow.
Till next time…………keep spreading the word and happy stitching!