Two more soldiers have been wounded in Afghanistan – you can read about it here but it got me thinking about our supply of Wounded Warrior Quilts.  I currently have three here and hopefully another one on its way back from the quilter any day now.  It won’t take long however for those to be used up if more guys are injured.  Bear in mind that this is the fighting season as far as I know.  I was speaking to an experienced soldier, recently returned, and he said to me – 

“If I were to be injured and wake up in Germany with one of your Aussie Hero Quilts on me with a kangaroo or the southern cross or the flag or some other Aussie emblem on it that would mean so much!

This same man again said to me that he just doesn’t think I realize how much what we do means to them.

The requests seem to have gone quiet for the moment which is fine as it gives us a chance to catch up a bit, but if you are keen to start another quilt, or if you have one that has an Australian feel to it, could you please let me know – preferably send me a photo of it so that I can file it in my WWQs in Waiting file.    I don’t ever want to be caught short.  
I don’t ever want another injured soldier to leave Afghanistan for Germany without one of our quilts.

Also, if you want to make one and you live near a Spotlight check them out and see if they still have some of their Aussie Flag Panels.  One of those and a few strips is all it takes to make a WWQ -that and lots of love when you are stitching it!

Quilts of the Week
If you send me a quilt or a laundry bag photo and haven’t seen it on the blog 
please jog my memory – I am nearing the BIG 50 – it ain’t what it used to be LOL!
some times I hold them over till they have been received so as not to spoil the surprise – 
some times I just get too busy and forget to include them.
Please send me a memory jogger.

Along those lines tomorrow night you will be seeing Liz’s latest quilt and laundry bag, Kaye’s quilts, Marg’s laundry bags,  Leonie’s laundry bag, Carolynne’s quilt and laundry bag and Susan’s quilt.  
Anyone else who has sent me a pic of a quilt or a laundry bag that has been sent off this week please remind me!

I felt a bit of a fraud today.  At the end of this post I showed you a quilt that Liz from WA made for the Blackhawk Helicopter pilot.  Last week I handed it to his brother, one of the soldiers I have met who have recently returned from Afghanistan.  Today these arrived on my doorstep.  They were address to Jan-Maree and quilters.  How lovely! 
I know you can’t smell them or put them on your table but we can all share the sentiment – especially Liz who made the quilt – but I think you all deserve bouquets!

Pressing Matters!
Last week in Penrith, Pam and I had our photos taken for the Penrith Press and today a reported called me to interview me and get the details.  Here is hoping the resulting article will generate some interest in Penrith and we will book out our 
next sewing day on the 12th of August.

Time for an update on the April BOM quilts.  Here is the last  one all bound and ready to go.  I hope someone likes it.  I love it.  It is so graphic and bright.  I showed it to one of my quilt group members and she loved it and thought it makes a great young person’s quilt.  She even suggested that the quilt group should make some of these blocks for a charity quilt.  She wasn’t there when I showed this quilt to the rest of the group and told them what she said – guess what the response was  – DEAD SILENCE!  Oh well.  You can’t expect everyone to like the same things – funny thing is that if I don’t like a fabric you can just about guess most of the girls in the group do!  Wouldn’t it be boring if we all like the same thing?

Check out these lovely string blocks from Marilyn.  Cool huh!  That reminds me, if anyone is sending or making any more please let me know as I intend to sort them into quilts next week.

Last reminder…

Coffee at Beasley’s Nursery and Tea House 10am on Saturday 14th of July.   The address is 195 Heidelberg Warrandyte Road, Warrandyte, VICTORIA.   

Anyone care to join me? Email me if you want to know how to know which one is me.  Here is a hint – I am a red head – no temper though, just ask my sons!

Till next time…………keep spreading the word and happy stitching!