June AHQ Canberra meetup

Written by AHQ

7 June 2023


June AHQ Canberra meetup

Hi Jan-Maree and team,

On Saturday 4th June, a growing group of Canberra AHQ followers met up at the Southern Cross Club to swap pics and ideas and a few laughs. Fabric changed hands, laundry bags were shown and handed over. Several of us had brought quilts to show, some for recent requests and some just recently finished quilts. As usual, it is marvellous to see the interpretation of the requests into quilt form and the easy ways colour and embroidered badges can be incorporated. Thank goodness for modern technology where we can store pictures on a small phone of the many and diverse quilts we make which we can share when we do get together. Some very clever but very simple ideas are really inspiring. Before dispersing, we agreed we like our sun-filled venue and its central location and have set a new date to meet up in the same place, on 12 August. If there are any other local or visiting AHQ followers who would like to join us, you would be most welcome.
Our team on Saturday consisted of Pat, Bindy, Roz, Fran, Sue, Cassandra, Monika and Margaret. Attached are a couple of photos of us all and a mystery quilt Cassandra just finished and which Monika had just quilted for her. On the screen behind us are two AHQ quilts, but only glimpses.
Kind regards,
Cassandra P


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