Time for another Tutorial, only this time Caroline and I didn’t write it.  Judy C did and I am so pleased. This is a great, simple quilt and it would be really easy to use this design to personalise a quilt for someone.  You would only need six fat quarters.

BushBiccies Fat Quarter Quilt.
·       6 fat quarters
·       approx 2 metres fabric for the sashings, borders and the bindings.
·       enough fabric for 6 cornerstones
·       wadding
·       backing fabric
My quilt worked out to be about 72.5″ x 44″
·       Wash fabric etc.
·       Trim your fat quarters to the one size (mine worked out to 19.5″ x 16.5″) 
·       work out out how wide you want your sashing to be (mine was 4.5 inches)
·       cut sashings  eg 4 x (16.5″ x 4.5″), 3 x (19.5″ x 4.5″),
·       cut cornerstones eg 6 x (4.5″ x 4.5″)
·       join sashings to the short sides of the fat quarters.
·       Sew together so that you have two sets of three fat quarters and two sashings.
                  I set the fat quarters vertically
·       join 3 sashings with two cornerstones
·       sew long sashing/cornerstone strip to side of one fat quarter strip.
·       sew other fat quarter strip to opposite side.
·       measure
·       sew side borders on
·       measure width of quilt cut top and bottom borders.
·       attach corner stones to either end of top and bottom borders.
·       attach top and bottom borders
·       iron
·       sandwich quilt top, wadding, backing fabric together.
·       quilt
·       bind
·       Hey Presto – finished
Next time I might make the sashings and borders different widths but this just gives you an idea.
I saw a quilt with this sort of idea somewhere on holidays once. I cannot give credit to the original designer as I do not know where I saw it or who designed it.
Judy C

Quilts of the Week

My laptop is fixed again but I am not sure that I have caught up with all the records I should have from the temporary glitch I had.  So, if you have sent off a quilt this week ad are not included on the list below please let me know know.  Additionally if you are on the list and have not posted off your quilts yet please let me know.

Jenny and Gale
Judith R
Judy C
Julie R
Liz B
Rita M
Sarah L
Sit and Sew Ladies 

West Pennant Hills Sewing Days

We only had a small crew attend the sewing day yesterday – others had planned to come but illness or other commitments got in the way.  It didn’t matter.  We still achieved a lot and had  a good time along the way.  Dasha came again and Joan came for the very first time.  Laurel also popped in for a quick visit and to drop off a lovely bright quilt top and backing.

The next WPH sewing day will be held during the school holidays.  If you would like to come please email me with your preferred dates.  I am planning that we will have a little fun.  This time we will sew blocks using all my scraps.  We will make 14″ stars or scrapy nine patches and we will see what we can do with them along the way.  Date to be determined but as always BYO lunch and sewing machines.
Penrith Sewing Day – Sunday 21 April

The next Penrith Sewing Day is just two and a half weeks away.  I am planning that we will do the same thing. A fun day sewing blocks – you choose from the scraps, you cut them and you sew them,  Maybe we will even get a top together on the day.  If course if you would rather just sew some laundry bags let me know and I will bring some of those as well.  Again, BYP lunch and sewing machine.

Perth Lunch

Finally for any Perth ladies.  Nancy is going to be in Perth again for a few days so a morning tea- lunch is planned at THE DOME in Midland on Tuesday April 23rd.   For any new ladies who are thinking of sewing for AHQ but haven’t got started yet there will be a few quilts to show how easy they can be.
If you are interested in joining the ladies for lunch contact Nancy ha******@ya***.au

Till next time………keep spreading the word and happy stitching!