So, a New Year and a new round of Blocks of the Month!  First up for this year is the Disappearing Nine Patch.  In February last year we started the Block of the Month program with a Nine Patch so it seems fitting that the fist block for this year take it up a notch.

We are going to be doing a big nine patch.  You need to start with three or more different colours. Feel free to use as many different colours as you like.  I have just used three colours but I intend to add these blocks to other blocks made with three colours and I want to end up with a nautically themed quilt for someone on HMAS TOOWOOMBA.

But before we get there we have to make the blocks.  So, cut yourself some 6 1/2 inch strips 

or you can go straight to cutting 6 1/2 inch squares depending on the fabric you have to work with.

Next make your nine patch.  Now, I save the prints with the bigger patters for the corners.  Smaller prints or plains go in the other spaces.  If you can’t remember or down know how to stitch a nine patch you can review here

 Once you have made your massive nine patch you need to cut it in quarters like so.  If you are not confident enough to do this then you can send them to me to cut them but it really isn’t hard so you should have a go.
Here the blocks have been cut and re-arranged.  there are loads of different ways to arrange your blocks and if you want to see some more options just go here

Here are two that were prepared earlier.  The first by Caroline and I and the second a joint effort but mostly by Lyn.

The following two were not made for Aussie Heroes but the first is an example of just three colours 

and the second is totally scrappy.

So you can see there are lots of options for this pattern.   If you have a look at the first two you will see that they each used ten nine patch blocks – ten cut into 4 equals 40 blocks – and in each quilt they are arranged 5 across and 8 down.  this yields a quilt that is just about the right size.  Oh, and one final thing – After I have quartered the blocks I trim each block to nine inches just to make it that much easier to put the blocks together.

That is about it other than to tell you to please post the blocks to me

Aussie Heroes
PO Box 248
Cherrybrook,  NSW,  2126

Till next time………………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!