Hi all,
I really need a better name for all of you lovely ladies.  It is a bit long winded to say Aussie Hero Sewers and also a bit impersonal, but whatever you are called you are the best.  All the requests from last night have been taken.  Quilts to all with be heading off to the Middle East within the next few weeks.  
Thanks girls!
In addition……
More people have added their names to the list of volunteers…….Just wonderful!
If you don’t ask, you don’t get!
A few emails I have had have started me thinking that we should all share the various things that we do to get things to include in the boxes: goodies to fill in those nooks and crannies and the make up the weight!
For example Hello Kitty Kitty shared the following with me and I am sure she won’t mind me sharing with you:
I told the guy at our local Spar supermarket that I was making a few goodies to send over and asked if perhaps he would like to donate a couple of D.V.Ds. Guess what …he said yes and let me choose twenty of them. I only expected a couple if he had said yes. But twenty was great and so very nice of him. 

You know I asked a Victorian tea towel company for a few tea towels and they sent us 30!

The latest person I asked was my friend who owns a music shop.  I wanted to know if he could donate a few harmonicas for me to include in the Christmas boxes and he came good.  Here are five!  Apparently, particularly in the outstations the guys like to sit around the fire are night and play these so they have something to do with their hands.   If the guy who receives it doesn’t want it I am sure he will be able to pass it on.
So, why don’t you give it a try.  Just ask and you might be surprised at the response.  Most people are really happy to be supportive and they may not always be able to give you something but they are usually polite at least and usually very supportive.
And if they start waffling on and being negative about our guys and girls being over there just smile sweetly and remind them that we are supporting the man not the mission. 
If you have been brave enough to ask for a donation how about sharing!
Till next time……………..keep spreading the word and happy stitching!