Don’t be afraid to spread the word.
You might just get a hug!

Today I went shopping to find an anniversary present for my lovely hubby.  In a large department store I asked a couple of the ladies there if they could direct me to the cuff links (yes, that is what he actually asked for).  One of the ladies took me right over and chatted away to me, helping me choose some that were classic and yet all different.  

During our conversation I mentioned that my hubby often works away from home and she mentioned that hers is away till the end of the year – have the bells gone off for you yet?
Then she said he is in the army.  So I, of course, asked if he was in Afghanistan……and yes he is.  No prizes for guessing where this conversation went – out came the business card and she was delighted.  First she gave me a hug from gratitude that someone else was cheering on her hubby and his mates and then we talked.  Apparently he has been wanting a laundry bag for ages.  Easy fixed!!!  She has promised to email me with his details tonight I can do what we do.  
She was floored when I told her there was no need to pay, that everything was donated.  
And as we said goodbye, another hug!
We both parted with smiles on our faces and I just couldn’t help feeling that I love what I do!

Coffee in Melbourne

Last Saturday morning I managed to catch up with a few of our Aussie Hero Friends in sunny (freezing!!) Melbourne.  Wendy L and DH,  Philip, Tracey and Gina all came along and we had a great time chatting about Aussie Heroes and quilting in general.

Given that I operate in isolation a lot of the time, and only occassionally meet other AHQ Friends, it was lovely to connect in person and to be able to chat about what we are doing and why.

Wendy brought two quilts along.  This one is going to a young guy whose sister-in-law asked for a quilt not long before he came home and I didn’t pick it up.  She must be one of the few that I have forgotten to ask my standard – “roughly how long before he comes home?”.  No matter.  Wendy passed the quilt and laundry bag to me and I posted them off this morning.  This young man’s sister-in-law will get to give it to him personally when he is on leave and I actually think that is really nice seeing as she requested it for him and told me 

“I’m so proud of him.”

Doesn’t everyone need a sister-in-law like that!

And this is his laundry bag.

Wendy has also made this quilt for a fellow who told us that he grew up on a small farm.  Check out the quilting- her partner Philip suggested it – tractor tracks!  LOVE it!

Tracey was using this super cute little bag and I made her hold it up so I could share it – cute huh!

I am still looking for more Wounded Warrior Quilts – kangaroos, Aussie Fabric, the Southern Cross, the Aussie Flag.  In fact I have a few Aussie Flag panels – if you want to use one for a WWQ let me know.

Don’t forget if you are a Canberra gal (or guy) and would like to come and sew with me and some others please join me on the 4th of August – details at the end of this post

And just before I go – if you have sent off a quilt or a laundry bag this week – please send me a photo so I can add it to this Friday’s Quilts of the Week post – so far I have Wendy’s quilt and LB and Kaye’s laundry bags.  A quiet week this week.

Till next time………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!