Did you go to the post office today?

Well, that time has come.  Time to tell you about the block of the month.  I decided that seeing as we are all busy trying to finish quilts or laundry bags into the mail, and seeing as school holidays and Easter are just around the corner, we should have something really simple for the BOM.  One or two people have tried to guess what this month was going to be and I actually had something else in mind but once we were asked to do the Wounded Warrior Quilts I had a new inspiration.  
I am going to team these blocks with some of the Flag panels that Marg sent over and these will wait their turn to go to the hospital.  
So, here goes.
First, cut yourself a 9 1/2 inch square (or two or three……)
Next slash it randomly in two – DO NOT MEASURE!  It is not suppose to be perfect.
Now cut yourself some 9 1/2″ by 2″ strips in white – I used quilters muslin, you can use anything that is just white.  White on white is fine – but no colours please.
Take one strips and insert it between the two pieces and sew together.   This is what you end up with.  Press the seems away from the white.
Slash your block again in the opposite direction and add more white.  This strip will be longer than 9 1/2″  I didn’t measure it – as I was making more than one block I just cut a 2″ strip and chain pieced, cutting the white strip free hand a little longer than each block.  The “hardest part is aligning the second half of the block – just align it roughly so that the coloured edges are as even as you can get them.  All the blocks will be trimmed when I receive them.  Please don’t trim them.
Now I am really looking for the colours of the flag – royal blues and reds.  A bit darker or lighter is fine as a bit of variation makes the quilt interesting.  So go and search out your reds, white and blues and get stitching!


The last date for posting nine patch blocks to me is April 31.  If you post after that they may have to wait for another quilt or quilts to be included in.  Just leave a comment if you need me to send you my address.  Overseas quilters, we would love you to join in the fun but it you could post yours a bit earlier – say around the April 20 that should allow for most of the blocks to be here together.  You can make one block or more – your choice.  I am sure there are some of you that absolutely won’t be able to stop at one……like me!  And, if anyone wants to volunteer to complete a quilt from the BOMs I received please let me know.

I hope that makes sense to all of you – leave me a comment if you are joining in and also if you have any questions.

Now for an update on our girly pink quilt.  Don’t forget if you are aiming to post some please try and get them to me by April 11th – or at get them in the post by then.  So far we have received a grand total of 29 nine patches and have two heart blocks.   These gorgeous ones arrived today courtesy of Pauline – the flash has really washed the colours out – they are soft but not this soft.    
If you are planning to sew some you better THINK PINK real soon please.
Pauline also sent these cool black and white pin wheels – love that random red one.  I am seriously thinking of making a few more from my healthy stash of black and whites and adding them to make these into a quilt all by themselves and leaving the red and white one there.  Or maybe I will make some homespun and white ones to throw in there – might be a fun project for Easter.
Are you scurrying to finish a quilt or a laundry bag before the 14th?  I know I am.  Good luck!

Till next time…………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!