Happy Mothers’ Day

I decided today was the perfect day to honour all the Mums of our Heroes and the Mums of their children.

I hope all the Mums reading this today were well and truly spoilt by their loved ones but please spare a thought for the Mums whose loved ones are far away.  I know there are loads of you who read this post who have a son or a daughter deployed at the moment or who are posted far away and I want you to know that we are thinking of you also.  That also includes all the Grandmothers who have grandsons and granddaughters.

Please also spare a thought for the wonderful Mums who are deployed, trusting others to care for their children, while they do their part to make sure that everyone’s children in Australia can grow up safe and sound in this wonderful country.

And finally, and most heartbreakingly, please spare a thought for the mothers, grandmothers, wives and expended families of our Fallen Heroes.  I hope it helps to know that you are not forgotten and neither is your sacrifice.

I started looking for some pictures to illustrate my message and could have gone googling but decided to keep it “within the family” so to speak and use the awesome artwork of an Army Hero’s wife. 
All the signs in this post come from Prim Essence.
You should also check out her Facebook Page.
And by the way ladies – just in case you love these Prim Essence Signs as much as I do …

The only reason I have not bought a sign as yet…………….I just can‘t decide! 

And to end, I share this link on the facebook page a few days ago but wanted to wait till today to share it on the blog.  Get the Kleenex ladies  – this is just gorgeous!  
Well done  HMAS Toowoomba!
Look carefully and you will see lots of our recipients too starting with the Captain at the very beginning.

Happy Mothers’ Day to all our Military Mums.
You don’t have to wear a uniform to be a Hero!