Welcome to another Happy Mail Wednesday 
This week we have mail in the form of blocks and donations and some thank you messages!  
Aren’t they just our favourite thing!

Three more quilts have made it into the Quilts in Waiting File.  These two were both quilted by Donna who is a professional long arm quilter and donated her time.  They were then bound by Judith and returned to me!  Thanks Judith!
This first quilt top was completed by Irene.

And this one was sent to us in block form by Cat from TAS. 
This one is made up of Hot Cross Nine Patch blocks, which were our May BOM block.  Judith put them together and then Karen from VIC quilted and bound the quilt. I love it.

Last night I received a knock at the door and there was Denise delivering a donation from Gretta who has two sons, one who is in the cadets and two cousins, one in the Army and one in the Navy.  Gretta can’t sew so she bought a few packets of TimTams and these 2m lengths of fabric 
plus these two fat quarters.
Thanks Gretta!
Another parcel turned up in my letterbox.  This one from Gail – love the colours. 
This parcel came all the way from America from Teresa.  More great Shoo Fly Blocks!

Teresa also sent me these great blocks.  
These are to go with a flag panel and will make a great WWQ. 

Here is the whole bunch that Teresa has sent!  Don’t they look great!
Obviously they need to be arranged better than this!

We also received our first Twisted Ribbon today as well – these from Karen B!  
Love that Aussie Fabric.  

Thanks ladies!

And now to some more thank you messages!

In our Quilts of The Week post for the 27 July I showed you two lovely quilts that Pauline made to send away.  She had two quits and two laundry bags and said she would decide at the post office which would go to which recipient.   You will have to guess which one this lucky recipient received but I think she was pretty pleased.

Dear Pauline, 

I received your quilt today and wanted to say a huge thank-you for your kind gift. It truly is a beautiful quilt and one I am extremely grateful for; it will certainly make my home away from home, more homely. The laundry bag with my initials is a gorgeous personal touch. I can’t wait to show my two daughters when I finally get home, 

they will also love it. 

Please rest assured it is acts of kindness like yours 

that make being away from family a little easier. 

You are a very talented lady and once again, thank-you very much. 


And then in last week’s post I showed you a quilt that I  sent off which was a joint effort between Pam and I with the lovely deep green fabric donated by Jeff from Penrith Patchwork.  Imagine my delight when I checked the facebook page this morning to see a thank you message and a photo.

I received this fantastic quilt today and have put it to good use already. Thanks so much for the care and attention. We feel very special

Thanks to Jan-Maree and the whole crew for making this wonderful Aussie Hero Quilt.  Here is another photo of it on a bed.
Love those pictures!

You don’t want to miss tomorrow night’s post.  I will be announcing the details for out first 
Fallen Warrior Quilts.

Blocks Anyone?

 Would anyone be interested in taking some of the BOM sets we have or the Aussie Nine Patches from last weekend in Canberra and putting them together into a quilt?  I have strippy string blocks, nine patches and shoo fly blocks.  If you are interested let me know and then send me a self addressed 500g prepaid satchel.  If I can I will fill it up to the 500g with other donated fabrics if you like too. 
 I have two sets each of shoo fly, strippy blocks and nine patch (not shown)

Please send pictures of finished quilts for the Quilts in Waiting File and photos of quilts that have been posted from Friday night’s post.

Till next time…………..keep spreading the word and happy stitching!