We care about the people, not the mission or the politics.

When I started Aussie Heroes, I knew that what I was doing was right.  But, I also knew that there are some out there who would not agree with me.  Whether or not our men and women should be in Afghanistan, is constantly being discussed in the media, particularly each time one of our brave heroes is injured or tragically killed.   I know a few of you have had to deal with people questioning your motivations or wanting to argue the point with regard to the validity of the reasons behind our service people being in Afghanistan.  

It was for occasions just like these that I put the following phrase on my business cards- 
We care about the people, not the mission or the politics.

Someone said to me “I don’t support war so therefore I can’t support Aussie Heroes.”  I don’t get upset by that.  That is their choice.  I think it is narrow minded, simplistic and ill-informed, but, that is not a crime.  I often ask them if they are happy to have the help of the Defence Force during times of natural disaster, be it flood, fire, or earthquake for example.   Usually they say they are.  I usually say that Aussie Heroes is my way of saying thank you for ALL that the service members do for us and on our behalf.   I point out that we are caring for the people, OUR service people, not applauding the politicians that send them over there.  

And if that doesn’t change their attitude, I leave them to it.  I have better things to do. They are usually judging out of ignorance anyway, and we here at Aussie Heroes know better.
And why am I writing this?  Not because I need to share the reactions I have had, as I have been pleasantly surprised that I have had only one or two negative reactions from all the people I have spoken to in the time I have been doing this.  

I am writing this because it occurs to me that not all of your will have seen my business cards and therefore not all of you will have seen the quote.  Hope it helps you out, if you get those awkward questions

And yes, I know it has the old email address on there but I can’t afford new ones just to change that and they both find me.


Requesting Donations.
If you plan to approach a company or an individual in order to solicit a donation in the name of Aussie Heroes could you please run it past me first.  As everything that is done in the name of Aussie Heroes reflects back on the Aussie Hero name, and also my name personally, I would feel better, if I could check the accuracy of how we are being portrayed.  I believe everyone is acting with the best intentions in the world but sometimes a lack of details, or slightly incorrect details, can appear to be misleading, and I would like to protect Aussie Heroes from such misunderstandings where possible.



I received a happy email from the Chaplain late last night.

We received a large amount of mail today – and morale went up as a result.
I am not sure if quilts arrived from AHQ quilters, but about 12 boxes of laundry bags and pillow cases arrived.
Thank you for the coffee satchels – much appreciated.
Thank you for the bags and pillow cases.  They are lovely and very popular – interestingly some of those who didn’t show any interest in them have seen how good they are and now covet one.
You boost so many people’s morale by your great efforts and generous gifts.

Here is a rather special thank you for Angela!

Hello Angela,
Just wanted to send a quick email to say thank you soooo much for the quilt…I love it, and even more love the fact that you guys are thinking of us and the dogs. It really does mean a lot.
The pics are not brilliant, but I hope you like them.
MWD Pax was more than happy to pose for them πŸ™‚
Thank you again. Love your work!!

At last a serving member who can not only be photographed but also named!!!
Meet Pax!

And now on to the rest of our Happy Mail

Kaye made this gorgeous quilt and sent it to me.  
I think it just has to be a Wounded Warrior Quilt.

Heather made this clever, but simple, quilt top.

Gina made this quilt top from the bird panels that were donated.

 Louise has outdone herself again, sending me several tops with backings and bindings.  There were two orange and green ones.

There was also a second one of these ones and I only just realized that I forgot to take a picture before I put it in the mail to the quilter.

Maria sent the next two quilt tops – love the colours in this one

and who can beat red and blue and the flag!

That is it for Happy Mail for this week.  

Till next time…………keep spreading the word and happy stitching!