Howdy doody everyone…..OMG only 20 more days till Christmas, and only 26 more days of 2012….here’s to a safe and sound year to everyone in 2013.

I’m stealing #1 spot again, even though my BOM’s are over and done with for this year (I’ll be back next year though, hopefully with a couple of whole quilt tutorials) I’ve still got some to share from November, that I got in this last week.

Did you all see Kylies’ Wonky 9 Patch BOM?  Isn’t it great?  She’s definately thrown out a challenge for me for the New Year now!

Back to November blocks though….I got a lovely bunch of blocks from Dorothy C from Belmore in NSW.  The BOM’s have been an encouragement to her, and whilst she apologises for being a sewist and not a quilter…we’ll forgive her hey?  Ooops, did I say forgive?  I meant to say convert her! lol  Thanks Dorothy.

Next up is a huge assortment of blocks from Sue B from Oaklands Park in SA.  Thanks heaps Sue. I’ve had fun going through these ones, as I have some of the fabrics she’s used lol.

Once again, a HUGE thank you to all who have sent blocks to me in the last couple of months….now to make them all into flimsies if not completed quilts.

Hugs and stay safe everyone

Take it away Jan-Maree.

Thanks Naomi!
Dorothy sent in these cool laundry bags. 

Look closely – the one on the left is paratroopers and aircraft  – email me if you know someone this would be appropriate for.

Wendy H from VIC sent not only these cool laundry bags 

but also a whole box of goodies to go along with them,

including a gorgeous wombat ornament!  Actually there were two ornaments in the box but I didn’t find the other one before I took the photo.  They are all packed up now and on their way to Tarin Kot with all the other goodies!

Wendy is also keen to get together with any other sewers in the Ballarat District who might like to get in touch  – email me if you are interested and I will pass on Wendy’s number.
K Wilkinson from NSW also sent me a quilt op, backing and batting.  

And here is some of my favourite Happy Mail.  
Thank you messages and a photo.

Good evening Ruth,
 A short courtesy note to thank you for your very thoughtful gift. I must say I was quite taken back when I received this package today and moved by this very kind gesture.
The quilt will be something that I will keep well beyond my tour of duty here in Afghanistan. It is comforting to know that Australia is behind our deployed service personnel and the difficult task that we face here. I can honestly say that we are making a difference and we will succeed in our mission.
I wish you a very special festive season and new year.
With respect and warm regards

Today I received my second package in 2 1/2 months and it was filled with your brilliant quilt, laundry bag and nibblies.
The quilt and bag are fantastic.  I am so glad that no-one asked me how I would have liked it decorated because I could not have dreamed of something soooo creative.  Well done.  

I shall take a photo and gloat to all I know .
I have cc’d XXXXX who passed on my details to your organisation – thanks XXXXX.  And, I have cc’d XXXXXX who is extremely jealous who will be writing to your organisation separately requesting a quilt as spectacular as mine.
Thankyou again.

Hi ladies,

XXXXX received his quilt and laundry bag today and absolutely loves it! Thank you so much, your work is amazing. So very touching knowing that a quilt and a laundry bag can put a massive smile on someone’s face. Keep up the awesome work!!! Very appreciated and thanks once again.

This message for one of Nancy’s quilts

Thank you very much for the Quilt with the taxis and base ball players on it.
I have put it up on my wall in XXXXXXX. It has lightened up my room greatly. 

(I have no windows and four grey walls)
I wish you and those making the quilts a Merry Xmas.
Please keep it up, as it does make a difference.
Thanks and Merry Xmas

The wife of one of Nancy’s recipients sent in this photo sent to her by her hubby.  She said “he tells me it’s ‘surprisingly’ warm underneath, so his pretty impressed with his new quilt,

 Thank you again.”

You are most welcome!

Hi Aunty Wendy,
My name is XXXXX, I’m currently serving in Afghanistan and have
recently received a quilt made by yourself and your Mum. I just wanted
to pass on my thanks to the both of you. It’s very warming to know that
there are so many people out there who we don’t know, yet will still
take the time of their day to not only think of those who are currently
serving, but to put so much time and effort into producing such
beautiful quilts and providing a little piece of home for us overseas.

The quilt is something I hold in great regard, not only because of the
obvious time and effort that has gone into making it, but more so for
the reminder that it isn’t only our family and friends who support us
and worry for us whilst we are deployed, but that there are many people,
who although strangers, are still just as concerned for our welfare and
are so readily willing to support us however they can.

So once again, thank you for the quilt, I will keep it with great pride
and please pass on my warmest thanks your Mum also.

Kindest Regards,

My husband and our friends have all started to receive there quilts and laundry bags and love them. I can’t put into words how much I appreciate what you have done for them and for all the guys and girls that are away.
Thank you x x x 

This fellow has not even received his quilt yet and wrote a lovely email!

Hello Jan-Maree,
I feel very humbled that someone has ordered one of the Aussie Hero Quilts for me, I have a unique job here that allows me to work very closely with everyone in my location and there are some very good people here.
I’m excited about getting the quilt, as my wife had a baby boy 5 weeks before I deployed and I will be able to share it with him and explain its meaning in the future.
Thank you for your e-mail, I appreciate you getting in touch with me and I very much look forward to receiving the Quilt.


Look at the difference a couple of months makes! Here you can see laundry bags sent from Julie-Ann, You, Rita, Lyn S, Deborah and someone I can’t identify. Isn’t it a big improvement. I was off work with the flu today, and I was feeling so crappy til I walked in and saw this extravaganza of colour 🙂

Hope you have a wonderful day today

I suspect that the female photographer actually laid all the bags out neatly before she took the photo don’t you?

Some of you will have already seen this in the HMAS ANZAC newsletter but for the rest of you I asked the Chaplain if he could send me a jpg copy that i could share and i don’t think i have put it on the blog yet.  If it is duplicated I apologize.

The last word for tonight goes to the mother of one of our Fallen Warriors. She has received her quilt and texted the chaplain to say ” she has just received the beautiful quilt …and she said she knew her family will cherish the quilt” and asked the chaplain to pass the message on to us.  I hope you don’t mind me not naming the soldier.  I just didn’t think it was necessary and I felt I should preserve the mother’s privacy.

Till next time……….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!