The next Aussie Hero Sewing day in Penrith is happening on 
Sunday the 16th of September.  
We will be sewing hour glass blocks and if we get enough done we will put a quilt top together
Space is limited so please let me know if you are planning to come.

Having too many volunteers is never usually a problem but I think I better ask if you want to send me a pre-paid satchel so that I can send you blocks to put together could you please check with me first from now on.  
I might only need you to send a 500g satchel or I might not have any blocks.  
I currently have an over supply of satchels and an under supply of blocks. 
 I will be hanging on to satchels for a while, mind you, the feed back I am getting re the BOM blocks means we may be using those satchels for them.  
Time will tell!  


Welcome to Happy mail Wednesday for this week.  Tonight we have a special on FWQ blocks and WWQs.  Just check them out.

First up we have some blocks from Liz.  
Hmmm I think that bottom one is suppose to be in the black and white pile.

Sorry the photo is so dark.  Another couple of weeks and I will be able to move my design wall back into the living room and in front of my fire place – of course that has to wait till I have stopped lighting the fire of course!

These ones are from Chris.
This lot is from Tracey.

If anyone is still planning to send some can you please let me know.  I know there is still a little while to go till the September 14 deadline but there is no point me waiting that long if there are no more blocks to come in.  

 Now this is extra special Happy Mail
These two gorgeous Wounded Warrior Quilts arrived from Tarnyia – I think I have shown you a picture last week but don’t they look lovely – worth another viewing I think.  They are so much more vibrant in person too.

Gail dropped this gorgeous quilt in too.  At this stage this is also going to be a WWQ.  Just love all those different blues.  They really do give the quilt great depth!

I knew Gail was going to drop in her Southern Cross quilt but look what else she left for me – as well as some donated fabrics she left me this second quilt.  Isn’t it lovely!  
And look at those stars!  Perfect points every one!

And Gail also provided our first BOM blocks for September.

Thanks so much Gail and thanks everyone!

How about this photo that I just received in time to add to this post – one of Fran’s quilts makes a perfect foreground to all that magnificent art!  Well done Dad!

Just before I go – as if you needed any more encouragement to sew – here are two comments made to me in the last 24 hours 
This one from the Mum of one of our boys over there

You do so much more than help the soldiers – 
these quilts are the closest we get to giving our men a hug! 
and what she means is that we are not just helping the soldiers but also their families.

This one from the wife of one of our recipients 

Aussie Heroes has rekindled my faith in the Aussie Public.

I tend to think that is pretty powerful too.
You know, in the States, if a serviceman or woman walks down the street people often go up and shake their hand or pat them on the back or at least say “thank you for your service”.  I know, because I have seen it when I lived there, particularly around the time of 911 when I lived close enough to see the smoke from the Towers.

Next time you see a uniformed man or woman, I dare you to go up and just say “thank you”.
Till next time………..keep spreading the word and happy stitching!