Howdy Dudey everyone,

Tech Guru, aka Naomi here, revealing the BOM’s I’ve received this last week, but first, let me just say, a little birdie has said there’s over another 50 coming my way, which, with those already received, will bring the tally up to well in excess of 200 blocks….wooooo hooooo, well done everyone….Kylies’ block from last month is still winning the challenge, but I don’t mind admitting defeat when you consider ALL the blocks are going to end up being received from some very special people in the form of Aussie Hero Quilts.  There is still time to get some of this months block in the post to me:

Aussie Hero Quilts
Attn Naomi Vela
1 Obst St
Berri SA 5343

They are really easy to make, and going by the amounts I’m receiving, you’re all enjoying making them.

So, onto sharing piccies of the ones that have come in so far this week….a couple of new senders, you know who you are, have done a wonderful job on their blocks and I’m blown away that there are so many fabrics out there that I don’t have in my ‘stash’ lol

 These were from Carolynne (NSW), thanks heaps hun, love the Aussie fabric, and the croc on the diving board in his budgie smugglers is just sooooo funny lol

 Maddie (WA) sent these lovely colourful blocks in, omg they are great, such ‘unusual’ fabrics, and when asked, she had to dash my hopes of it being recent purchases, doh!  Thanks Maddie…who is one of our ‘newbie’ BOM’ists.

Maria (also WA) sent in these great pooch blocks, which will be great for one of the dog loving Aussie Heroes don’t you think?  Thanks Maria.

 Next up was a small bundle of blocks from Sue (Vic, ha, bet you thought I was going to say WA again, didn’t you?  Tricked ya!) sent millions, ok, the parcel felt heavy enough to have contained that many…..all up, Sue sent me 60 blocks, plus some fabric that I’ll be able to use as borders on BOM’s I make myself.  Thanks so much Sue.

Lastly for this week, were these blocks that really pop don’t they?  These were sent by Wendy (Vic).  Thank you so much for these and will make a great quilt.

I’d best go now, before Jan-Maree boots me in the behind for hogging the post.  To all the friends of AHQ, I wish you a pleasant week.  I’ll be back next week with more blocks….some from USA and more from other Aussie friends of AHQ.

To all our “HEROES” stay safe, and we thoroughly enjoy our sewing, whether it be quilts, laundry bags, or both….to show our appreciation for the job you’re doing to keep us safe.

Hugs Naomi


Hi, Jan-Maree here, at last it is my turn!  Can you imagine how much Naomi must talk in person!  Just kidding!  One day I might actually meet her and I think we will have a ball!

For those that are not on Facebook this post appeared last night from one of our grateful recipients.  This relates to a quilt that Nancy sent – 

I received my Aussie Hero Quilt in the mail yesterday. I really appreciate such a significant quilt that I will have for the rest of my life. I would also like to take this opportunity thank you for your support and for the time and effort that is put into the quilts. I wish I had taken a pic of the guys opening their parcels. It brought smiles and morale to everyone that received one, not to mention a warmer nice sleep.

Yep!  Kind of makes those cuts from rotary cutter blades all worth while doesn’t it!  And here is another message that is sure to be encouraging.  When I started making laundry bags with my quilt group for the Lovely Warrant Officer and his team his wife told us that the laundry was sent off to Afghani laundries.  Since then I had heard that some of the areas had different conditions but, quite frankly I haven’t had time to check them all out, so it is great that, once again, someone in the know has answered Jennifer’s question for me and for all of us!

All the laundries are different. But pretty much across the board our clothes don’t get washed and dried in the bags. Rather, the bags keep our clothes from getting lost, pinched or mixed up. Where I am, we put our laundry bags on the machines while they wash our clothes. We don’t have time to sit by the washing machines and watch the laundry so we rely on each other (we’re all working different shifts) to move clothes to the dryer when they are done in the wash. And again when they are done in the dryer, you or some kind soul roles/folds them up and leaves them in your laundry bag ready for pick up at the end of the day. If we didn’t have bags, we’d have uniforms, boxers, bras and who knows what else from one end of the laundry to the other. In some places there is a wash service where the washing is dropped off, the bags are super useful in helping us identify which bag to pick up. We LOVE laundry bags! 

I reckon that comment was written by a female because no man would have mentioned bras!  LOL  Correct me if I am wrong!

And finally my Kandahar Liaison Officer sent this thank you message to Julie whose laundry bags were gratefully received.

Hi Julie Ann,

Apologies for the late response, but thank you thank you for the latest lot of laundry bags. The Aussie flag bags went like hot cakes; across the board, the boys here love the Aussie icons. The lovely floral number went to one of the new female arrivals.  The laundry here is still full of horrible plastic bags and white netted things, so if you happen to have some time free and another couple of sneaky laundry bags creep through your sewing machine, we Kandaharians would be very grateful!

I wish there was a way of capturing the excitement that the quilts and laundry bags bring, I keep passing thanks to Jan-Maree, but it doesn’t quite cut it. 99% of the quilts end up on the beds, but some end up coming home and serving special purposes. One of my closest friends here, took his quilt home when he returned on leave last week to give to his other half while she goes through IVF. He wanted her to feel comforted and close to him as she went through the procedures while he was deployed. Special quilts they are! We appreciate everything you wonderful ladies are doing, thank you!

I can really relate to that gorgeous man giving his quilt to his lovely lady while she goes through IVF.   Been there done that to get our little boys (who are now 6ft 16 year olds!) and I did a fair bit of it while my husband traveled the world for work but he was never away more than a couple of weeks and never was he is a warzone.  So glad to know that one of our quilts is giving comfort at such a time and the very best of wishes to the special couple!

Till next time……………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!