Welcome to Happy Mail Wednesday.  
WOW!  I think lots of you are back from holidays by the look of what is turning up in the PO Box.  My husband was with me today when I went to post off a quilt and laundry bag  and two 3 kg satchels (Karen B and Sue they are on their way) and so I got him to check the PO Box while I got served. He came back saying there was a parcel to pick and that was an understatement!  There were about 6 or 7!
Time to show you the lovely goodies that have arrived in the mail this week.  

First up some December Block of the Month Blocks from Linda.  I think these look good enough to keep together and make into one quilt all by themselves.  

Liz J from SA made these cool blocks – love that stripey fabric.

Alison from WA sent over this cool fabric as it may be a good backing for the 80s quilt.

Talking of the 80s quilt – here is the first block that I have received  – this one is from Terry who came over on Monday and helped me finish up several jobs, like trimming blocks to make up quilt kits.

Janine sent these down! 

Rhonda was the first to jump on the 80’s block making band wagon and did a great job.

Jill S from Vic made these – oh this is going to be a fun quilt to go together.  There is still time to make some if anyone wants to have a bit of fun.  You just can’t go wrong with these.

Sue N outdid herself this week sending me a huge pile of the BOM for January – Disappearing 9 Patches.  There were way too many for me to arrange all of them on the wall so i just put up the first 9.  Thanks Sue!

Leonie sent me this great binding that she has made.  I love the colors in the top fabric and you can’t beat the navy and white spot which will be so useful – red white and blue flag quilts come to mind immediately.

And the Happy Mail Achiever of the week award goes to Lynn who sent in eight – yes 8!  – quilt tops.

 There were two of these – not identical but very similar

And also two very similar ones like these. 

What a great selection of quilt tops!

And now for the icing on our cake – some thank you messages!

Dear Amy,
I just wanted to let you know how lovely it was to receive the laundry bag you made for me/ I can see why you have become an honorary member of the “Chatting Chooks”, I myself loved to sew at your age but I was never as good as you seem to be.
You sound like an amazing young lady making quilts for premature babies and now for Defence members away from their families and homes. Please know you are also appreciated for the smiles you bring. 
I hope you had a great Christmas with your Mum, Dad and Brother.
Kind Regards

Hi Jan-Maree,
                Happy New, sorry for the late reply, I have only just returned back to theatre from a awesome week back home for Christmas leave.  On my return back I noticed that my quilt had arrived whilst I was away.
Thank you so much, its funny to see everyone over here wrapped in there Aussie quilts (being that it is so cold over here, not quit snowing yet) made for them, from you wonderful people back home.
For Nancy
Good morning, I am please to inform you that I received my quilt just prior to Christmas. It looks fantastic and definitely helps keep me warm at night during the current cooler nights that we are experiencing. Thank you once again.

Hello from sunny (but extremely cold) XXXXX (somewhere in Afghanistan).   My name is XXXXX and I have just received the quilt you kindly made for me. Please find attached a photo of me holding up your quilt.
 Thank you very much for going to the effort for me – I was absolutely wrapped to receive it and it is a very nice gesture on your part. It will be a lasting memory of the support from back home and of my time in Afghanistan. I was especially happy to learn that you are a Western Australian – I was born in Perth myself (but my family are currently living and working in XXXXXx).
I am coming to the end of my tour and will be home with my family next month. To say I am looking forward to that is an understatement.

From all the soldiers and officers over here, we thank you and all Australians who are supporting our efforts over here. Thanks again and kind regards:

I have a new member of our group called Janelle and she is wondering if there are any Aussie Hero Friends in the Maitland/Newcastle Area?  Please give me a shout out if you are interested in meeting up with Janelle afterall it it is always fun to have a sewing buddy or six!

For all the new members – I run a volunteer list which is a consolidated list of email addresses.  I don’t automatically assume that you want to be on the list so if you want to be included just let me know.  I use the email list to send out information on the requests we have that are currently waiting to be allocated to a quilter and also to disseminate information that I do not think I should share on the blog for whatever reason.
Just let me know if you want to go on the list.

Till next time………………keep spreading the word and happy stitching!