Lots of yummy happy mail coming in this week.  Last night I showed you the blocks that have come in this week for the Fallen Warrior Quilts for the Diddams family.   As well as those we have quilt tops and laundry bags and BOMs.

But first – Sue had made 40 nine patch blocks and they are available for anyone who would like to turn them into quilt tops.  Send me an email if you are interested.
First up Maria sent me a great quilt top.  Love the Aussie fabric top and bottom.

She also sent two Twisted Ribbon BOM blocks.

Shirley made these really cool laundry bags – I really like the one on the left with the bikes and cars and gramophones.

As if that were not enough Shirley also sent a long this pretty quilt 

And the backing and binding!  Note the pretty card too!

Naomi sent in these great BOM blocks
and this one is from Sharina.

Lynn F sent over these two great blokey “I Spy” quilts.  
Great use of novelty fabrics in this great brick work pattern.  

Check out the pattern here if you like what you see.  I sure do!

Bernice out did herself with all of these BOM blocks and to think she is a beginner!  Hasn’t she done a great job!

After receiving all of Bernice’s blocks I just had to get them all out and play with layout! 
This was my first thought but then….

I tried this one – 
Which do you like best?  Option one or two?

(I typed this post up early this morning and I have been walking passed this on my design wall all day and I have to say I really like it!)

If you are planning to send in some BOMs and haven’t yet can you please let me know – not long now till next month’s BOM is announced!
How can you help?

I have had a few enquiries from non-sewers wondering what they can do to help us along so and I have been thinking about that.  I also asked for some suggestions from the regular Aussie Hero Friends.

Here are some of the ideas we came up with – 

Buy Spotlight Card or a gift voucher to your local quilt store – you can send Spotlight cards to me and I can pass them on to others who I know can use them.   Or you can email me and ask me who to send it to – assuming you don’t know of someone in your area.  The gift voucher to your local store is probably only useful if there is someone in your area.

Send pre-paid 500g and 3kg postal satchels to me – I am forever posting blocks, quilt tops and so on.  If I had a few extras I could send some of the donated fabric to other Friends around the place.

Donations of fabric, calico for lining  and cord for laundry bags are always welcome.  Once again if you don’t know someone in your area please email me and I will suggest someone for you to send it to.

Donations of 45mm Rotary Cutter Blades would be wonderful!

With regard to fabric – if you want to buy fabric but are not a sewer then this is handy information – 

For a quilt backing – buy 2m of 100% cotton fabric.
For a laundry bag – buy 1m calico for the lining and 1m of fabric suitable for the outer.  Must be 100% cotton  – patchwork fabric and twill are suitable.  If you ask the shop assistant for patchwork fabric or a sturdy cotton, like twill or curtaining, they should be able to help you.  If in doubt email me.

Another good option is to buy Coles or Woolworths vouchers so that the quilters can buy the goodies to go into the boxes along with the quilts.  If you live near a quilter then ask them what they need to include and then buy some of those items. 

You can even buy them some of the Bx2 Post pack boxes.  A pack of 20 gets a discount – not sure about a pack of ten – I only ever buy twenty at a time.

Non-sewers can also spread the word to local sewing/craft groups.  

Finally, and probably most usefully, but also the hardest to ask for, is a cash donation to the bank account.  This can be done by sending me a cheque or by a direct deposit in which case I will email you the details on request.  We don’t need a huge amount of money in the bank but each roll of batting costs a few hundred dollars – I can’t say exactly how much as the lovely guy who supplies it give it to me at a great price and free of shipping charges on the condition that Mum’s the word!

I use LOTS of batting and rotary cutting blades as I receive lots of quilt tops here which need batting and backing and I cut lots of laundry bags and the like for the various sewing days.  And that doesn’t include the sewing that I do when I am not answering emails, writing the blog and drafting articles etc.

I hope that helps and gives you some ideas.

Remember this laundry bag?
Well, here is some feedback.

Please pass on my thanks, received the laundry bag yesterday, it is amazing.

Several Aussie Hero Friends have expressed a desire to do more for HMAS ANZAC and you are more than welcome to.  If you wish to make an extra quilt the chaplain will see that it goes to someone deserving.  I also have three volunteers making extra laundry bags for those who will not receive quilts.  There is one making laundry bags for girls and two making masculine laundry bags.  If you are interested in getting in on the action please let me know. 

And don’t forget to email me if you would like Sue’s nine patches.

Till next time………..keep spreading the word and happy stitching!