First up – as Aussie Heroes gets bigger my workload increases and I need to work smarter not harder.  There are a few things I am thinking of doing but I still need to iron out the bugs.   

One thing I am planning to do is reduce the number of emails I send.  From now on, if no one objects, instead of sending personal emails to everyone to say thank you when a donation arrives, and then thanking them on the blog as well, I will just say thank you in a post.  

I am thinking once a week, maybe every Wednesday I will do a Happy Mail Post.  Of course feel free to email me if you think I have received something and not acknowledged it  – in fact please do this – and also if you are worried that something may not have arrived just let me know.

I hope that is okay with everyone.

Now the following five quilt tops were sent in by Lynn and I will be passing the first four on to Nancy in WA for quilting.

This peachy one is heading to Karen in VIC for quilting, a long with a few other bits and pieces for her to work on.

Blocks from Shirley
Nice fresh colours

Blocks from Karen B
I do love those fun centres!

Blocks from Peggy O
Cool fabrics!

 Plus a great crochet beanie

Naomi from SA sent in a message that some of you might be interested in – 
Do you live near a Big W???? In the craft section, where they have the FQ’s and metre remnant bundles, I scored two 1 metre remmies of Australian fabric (will take a pic shortly) for $5.28 each on sale…normal price is $6.28 a metre.

It is a great price for Aussie Fabrics.

And now – I thought I would start featuring some the blogs that post about Aussie Heroes.  Here is one called Nome’s Brag Along.  Just check this out!   I am dobbing Naomi in here – can you believe that she called me the Matriarch!  Oh please!

Her response was: 

“But I calls you Matriarch with love Jan Maree. I just googled it’s meaning and tah dah 


1. a woman who dominates an organization, community, etc
2. the female head of a tribe or family, esp in a matriarchy
3. a very old or venerable woman

At the risk of getting my butt kicked, I’ll select one of them for my reasoning….2….but could be bordering on being 1 & 2 combined…but only the nice parts of them!

You don’t rule over us with an iron clad glove or steel toe cap boots, but are more of ‘camp leader’ 

Ok, I think I’ve just dug myself a bigger hole, so I’ll quit while I still have a head!”
Matriarch!  Really!  Still I guess I should be glad that she didn’t select the third definition!

If anyone else would like me to feature their post on Aussie Heroes just send me the link – and don’t feel the need to accredit me with a title like Naomi did – LOL!

Till next time…………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!