Look what the postman bought me today – Happy mail!!!  Thanks Sue!

Sue keeps an eye out for fabulous bargains and then stocks up on fabric and sends me parcels so heavy I can hardly lift them!  How about some great gender neutral laundry bags or quilt backings.
 This stripe is really cool – lots of bindings and laundry bag tops – there is no way i will use this for backings as it is soooo hard on the eyes but that is absolutely fine coz I love striped bindings – doesn’t everyone?
 And I am not really one for leopard print but I love zebra and check out this gorgeous giraffe print.  Love it. Some how it seems a lot more whimsical than leopard.

Three lucky guys will be getting soccer laundry bags! Hope they don’t go to the rugby fans over there – though at least they are BLUE for the current STATE OF ORIGIN WINNERS. Just had to throw that in there – I am so not a rugby fan! 
 And finally a heap of great fabrics for laundry bags, backings and more laundry bags.  I usually like to refold any donated fabrics so that they all fit in neatly but there is so much on each of these that they are just too heavy.  I will have to wait till there is a willing teenager around to help me!
Thanks Sue!

Now what other news…….

There is a rumour going around that there might be an article about Aussie Heroes coming up in a National craft/quilt magazine.  Not saying anymore so don’t ask!

Are you interested….

In August I am heading down to Canberra to be the guest speaker at the Canberra Quilters evening meeting and I would like to take some quilts along to show everyone.  what I don’t want to do is just take my work along.  I would rather be able to show of some of what you guys do.  If any of you are interested in making a quilt and sending it to me I will use it for show and tell in August and then again in September when I am the guest speaker for the local Rotary Club and then I will either send the quilts off for special requests or keep them for the Christmas mailing.  Please leave me a comment if you think you can manage it.

Oh and one last thing…..

I have begun the habit of going through the list of special requests each week and sending an email to the quilter just to make sure there are no issues I am not aware of and to make sure there are no problems.  To lighten the load on me can I please ask anyone currently working on a special request quilt to shoot me an email or leave me a comment and give me an update.  That would make things much easier for me.  From now on I will try and remind everyone to do this every Thursday night and then any one I don’t hear from on Friday I will chase up on the weekend.  Also some times things happen, life gets in the way, illness strikes or whatever and we can’t achieve what we hoped.  If ever that happens to you please don’t hesitate to let me know. 

That is about it for me tonight.

Tomorrow night I will be back with the latest photos of quilts which have left these shores!

Till next time……………..keep spreading the word and happy stitching!