Already started getting spam comments on the blog after opening up the comments to everyone.  Annoying!  Have turned on the word verification which I know is also annoying.   Let me know how you go.

A bit of everything in tonight’s post.  Firstly Fran from VIC received a lovely thank you message for her pretty quilt last night.
I just wanted to personally Thankyou for my beautiful quilt. As mum said we have had a lot of sadness here lately and to get such a beautiful gift from home has lifted not only mine but many peoples spirits who received the quilts. I’m a very lucky girl to have parents like mine to organize this for me.
 Please thank anyone who help with making it.
Kind regards
 From Krissy 

Angela sent off some laundry bags to the SOTG and one of the fellows who grabbed one wrote her a lovely thank you message.  After checking with me regards protocol (thank you Angela) she wrote back to him and offered him a quilt as well.  This is some of his reply.  

Hey Angela ! I am also sorry for the delay of my response as I have been
flat out lately!  I havent recieved a quilt from Aussie Hero Quilts but would be very appreciative of a quilt if one was available and not to much trouble.  It would be a great momento to take home and hold onto for years to come as a nice memory of our time over here. If you are not able to get a quilt together thats fine , I am just appreciative of the
good work that you guys are doing supporting our boys over here.  I
hope all the “chatting chooks” are doing well and your kids are all ready and prepared for their final high school exams which are no doubt looming in the near future. 

We are all doing fine over here and taking the best efforts to keep everybody safe and well.  The weather is starting to cool of at night a little bit and I have noticed a bit of a chill on the air especially in the early hours of the morning.  
Attached is a photo of our Platoon pet and Mascot, Terry the miniature Afghan Tortoise.  He was found out the front of our building in danger of being run over so he now lives safely in a fish  tank with all the broccoli and cucumber he can eat. I look forward to hearing from you soon. 

Meet Terry!

And here is his quilt made by Angela!  Job well done!

Now this is the Happy Mail that I really like!  Twice in two days I have seen or heard of quilts from quilters I didn’t know anything about.  One was from Maddy in Perth and you will see her gorgeous quilt on Friday in Quilts of the Week.  This one is from Anne from SA.  I know exactly who I am sending this one off to – can’t say too much in case he reads the blog – but it is a particularly deserving recipient.

More BOMs arrived today.  These 8 came from Carolynne from Sydney.  

Only a short post tonight unless anything else comes in before I head out tonight.  I am guest speaker for the local Rotary Club tonight.  My second ever PowerPoint presentation!  LOL

Early tomorrow morning I head off with one son towards his boarding school.  I will be away for three days but will be checking emails and Facebook at night, as long as my dongle works!  If your questions are not urgent I will deal with them when I get back home. 

Till next time…………………….keep spreading the work and happy stitching!