You are up Naomi!
Thanks Jan-Maree, boy is it hot in SA this week, or is it just me?  I think it’s just hot….for those guys and gals overseas, a bit cooler than here….it’s going to be 44′ here tomorrow…YIKES.

Anyway, without further waffling, here’s this weeks Happy Mail on the blocks of the month front….I’m getting quite excited about matching Octobers and Novembers blocks up and making some incredible quilts for our lovely servicemen and women.

Karen B from Peak Hill, NSW sent in these blocks…..they’re going to be great in with some of last months.  Thanks heaps Karen.

Thank you so much Bernice L from Clarence Park, SA sent in the above blocks.  Poor Bernice has a sore shoulder and still managed to send me some great additions…and even colour coded them with some she sent last month so they tie in together.  Thanks hun, and we at AHQ hope your shoulder gets better soon. xxooxx

Last cab off the rank this week is Julie Harvey, Mt Eliza, Vic sent in the above blocks….haha she couldn’t trick me this month….I remembered who she was….JM’s SIL!  Thanks Julie

Alrighty, a big thank you to everyone who’s sent me BOM’s the last two months….I know there’s a couple more coming, and I’ll be back to pester you when they get here…oh and to show off quilts made from them of course lol  If I don’t get the chance before hand, have a safe and merry Christmas and an even safer and Happier New Year…..Kylie has a funky block for us all for next months BOM, so make sure you check it out.

Hugs, Naomi

I have some happy mail to share this week as well.  Jill M sent over these great laundry bags.  No way anyone will lose one of these gorgeous bright beauties.

Maria, one of the very early Aussie Hero Friends sent over two laundry bags

and two great quilt tops.

Who can tell what the pattern on this fabric repesents?

 And last but not least we have batch of laundry bags from Helen and the ladies from her Glenhaven Probus Club Craft Group.  Helen rang my up out of the blue and dropped over this lovely batch of laundry bags yesterday!  What a great surprise.
Judith drops in regularly to drop off projects and pick up new ones. Today she had sewn the binding on two quilts and put together three laundry bags that I gave her!
Thanks Judith!

A few of you are starting to wonder if your quilts have made it to HMAS ANZAC yet and the general answer is not yet it seems.  The last thing that I heard from the Chaplain is that mail has been held up – again.  I cannot imagine how frustrating that must be for the crew.  It is actually easier and way more reliable to send mail to the guys in Afghanistan it seems that to get it to those on the warship.  Here is hoping that it gets there soon.

Still speaking of the Navy, yesterday I had a brief chat with the chaplain who will be sailing with warship that takes over from HMAS ANZAC next year on Operation Slipper.   The new crew (details to follow in a future post) are currently based in the West (lucky things) but as luck would have it the Chaplain will be visiting Sydney later this year and whilst he is here he will make time for a face to face catch up so that I can fill him in on what we do and what we offer.  Trust me!  being able to sit and chat with someone rather than having to establish a working relationship via email is so much easier!  I will let you know more once I know more.

In the mean time if you would like to send a quilt to those that would like one on the new ship feel free to start sewing as I am hoping to get more quilts in the mail much earlier in their trip next time.  The same goes for laundry bags.

With all the hassles I have had with email in the last 24 hours (thank you Bigpond!) I may have missed one or two messages. If you have sent me pics in the last 24 hours please resend them.  Here is the honour roll list for this week.  If you have emailed me and I have not put you on the list please let me know.

Anne S
Christine C
Julie Ann
Lorraine S
Tess M from S

Photos to be included in this week’s Quilt of the Week need to be received by me no later than 830pm tomorrow night as I will not be around on Friday to add them in to the blog post.

Got to run.  I will be out tonight so if you email me expect the answers tomorrow please.

Till next time……………..keep spreading the word and happy stitching!