Hi again folks, I’ll try uploading the Happy Mail for this week, I did it earlier, Blogger didn’t like it, prematurely published the post for us, and then deleted all my hard work…..grrrrrrrrrrrr  I only realised that it had deleted everything because I came on to upload a few more happy snaps of BOM’s that arrived today….so before it decides to hate me again, I’m a gonna get posting lol

The above were sent in by Janine C from Rosemount in Qld, thanks heaps hun, they’re gonna be great with last months blocks.

Next I got a whopping parcel of BOM’s from Petra M from Newborough in Vic, aren’t the colours great?

Thanks Petra, your blocks are also going to work well with last months blocks.

Then today, Liz J from near Port Pirie, Sth Australia sent some blocks in….once again, and I know I’m sounding like a stuck record, but these will also work well with last months BOM’s.  Thanks heaps for them Liz.

Now it may or many not have gone un-noticed to most of you, but this last weekend, our very own Jan-Maree had one of those ‘special’ birthdays….and being the slacker I am at times, I couldn’t even get my act together and send her a birthday card, it’s still sitting here!  So, on behalf of all the Friends of AHQ, and our guys and gals stationed overseas Jan-Maree, we want to wish you a belated birthday from all of us hun.

As I believe you’re a star to all of us, I got Mr Google to rustle you up this cake….think of all the calories I’ve saved you lol  Happy Birthday JM, love and hugs the bunch at AHQ xx

Ok, over and out for me for this week.  Wherever you are, stay safe and happy, and to those who are Friends of AHQ, may your stitches be many!


Naomi aka Tech Guru

I always knew it was a risky thing to hand permission to post over to someone else!  And poor Naomi actually left a very dejected sounding message on my answering machine asking if I had deleted all of her work posting the pictures etc to teach her a lesson for posting about my birthday but I am actually not that mean or ungrateful. LOL

Seriously though, a very big thank you to everyone who sent their well wishes and cards. I even received a lovely card from Teresa in America, one of our regular BOM contributors and the extra special surprise of a bunch of flowers from a new friend who is currently deployed with the promise of a real catch up when she gets home next year.  It really is lovely and one of the nicest things about Aussie Heroes is the number of lovely people I have met, either in person or online, and come to know and call my friends.  And that includes the wonderful Aussie Hero Friends and them from “over there”.  
So thank you all for making my birthday that little bit more special.

Now I wasn’t the only one to receive flowers from Afghanistan this week.  Jill received a gorgeous bunch of flowers – still waiting for a photo Jill!  – and even though her sister is the Interflora Rep due to confidentiality requirements she cannot tell who ordered them.  

I would like to say hats off to whoever you are for being so thoughtful.  For those who do not read facebook here is Jill’s message – 

Well someone/some people know how to make me a blubbering idiot, thank you to the boys serving o/s who sent me a beautiful arrangement of flowers yesterday, your kind words of thanks really put me over the edge, and the trouble you went to arranging the flowers was very very thoughtful, thank you for your prayers for my MIL they are truly appreciated and are very grateful, but please can you stop being anonymous and let me know who you are, I would love to put your faces to your beautiful gift. I am glad that your room now looks like home, and your fellow soldiers are jealous of your quilts, but please let us know who you are so I can thank you properly. After sending a quick text to Jan-maree Ball to see if she knew anything about them it took me nearly half an hour to turn the tears off so I could call call her, but no she knew nothing either. Soldiers tell us constantly that we don’t quite understand what our quilts do for them, a gift from a stranger thanking them for what they do, well I now know just how they might feel, my gift of flowers for what I do with fabric, has shown me that what we are doing is truly appreciated and well respected.

You made her day who ever you are.  Thumbs Up!

Joy also received a thank you message for a batch of laundry bags she sent.

Dear Joy,
A short note to say a big thank you for your contribution to the Defence organisation personnel here in XXXXXX.
All the laundry bags went in a flash and are now being seen in laundries all around Camp XXXXX! Thank you for these. They were beautifully made and much appreciated (least of all by me, who now hopes a certain corridor-mate’s jocks are not to be found from one side of the laundry to the other!). They are beautifully made and such a lovely reminder that people at home haven’t forgotten about us!
Thank you once again for your time and effort, we appreciate you!

I do so love that comment about the corridor mate’s jocks and I did check that it was okay to publish as I didn’t want to embarrass anyone but it is worth a chuckle!
This thank you was sent to me from the WIFE of one of our recipients.  She is also a serving member.
By way of introduction, my name is XXXXXX and i’m a SGT in the Army. My husband recently returned home from deployment and showed me the beautiful quilt that he received whilst he was away. Thank you so much and please pass on our thanks to Carolynne D.
The work that you do is much appreciated. When I was deployed in East Timor many years ago now, we had a country women’s association that would bake Anzac biscuits and send to us. It was the highlight of our week whenever we received a goodies box and I know my husband felt the same when his quilt arrived.

Chris also received a thank you message this week.
May I just start by saying I was absolutely taken back by the quilt that was sent over!

I cannot thank you enough for such a beautiful gift; the thoughtfulness, hard work and effort that has gone into this masterpiece is astounding. Thank you for sending me a care package –  particularly with chocolates and chips – I shared them with my mates over here! They all send their many thanks also. I loved every part of the quilt – the colours, the fabric and the intricacies of the work. It will serve as a reminder of the caring attitude of those individuals back in Australia that support what we do over here. For that also, I thank you. 

It is difficult to explain the feeling when a total stranger puts together a package such as the one you sent – it definitely has been the highlight of my trip so far

And hot off the press I received this thank you message just in time to post it.
G’day again Jan-Maree,
I’m very happy to report that our Quilts have arrived!
Mine and my offsider’s arrived last night…  they are fantastic.
Very many thanks to ‘Debalicious’  for the efforts of making and sending us these great quilts.
Keep up the great work you guys do.

Now for a change I have some happy mail photos to show you.  My friend Louise is also an Aussie Hero Friend.  Louise and I have been friends since our children were just a few months old and we met at a Mother’s Group at the local community centre.  Our “babies” are now 16!
Well, I found out in the last couple of weeks that Louise has a friend called Michelle, who has a Mum called Dasha!  And Dasha is another Aussie Hero Friend.  recently Dasha let Louise go and raid her fabric stash so that she could sew for AHQ and this week I received the resulting massive box of goodies: a dozen laundry bags and four quilt tops.

Among the other bits and pieces that Dasha gave Louise were these many 2 1/2″ strips!  I think  Louise has decided that working with pre-cuts  is pretty fabulous!

I think Louise had fun with the laundry bags.  The sign on the left reads – do not iron, Fabric paint as Louise has painted on a frog to match the motif in the fabric!

Thanks Louise and thanks for your contribution too Dasha!
Judith drops around regularly to drop off quilts that she has done the binding on or laundry bags that she has sewn up plus she picks up a few more to do.  Today she dropped in a bunch of quilts whose binding she had sewn and also this quilt top – love the red,white and blue

and these laundry bags.

 Thanks Judith!
Now to a small amount of business.  Aussie Heroes may be a volunteer organisation but the word “organisation” hints that there is a certain level of structure and procedures involved.  At some point someone has to be “in charge” or “in control”.  I try to “run the show” with a minimum of rules and regulations, always in consultation with others, but with every group there is always a need for some rules or eventually things will not work smoothly.  Similarly there is also  need for someone to take the lead and in this case that is me .  As we have had quite a few new members join I feel it is a good time to just briefly re-visit some of the procedures and so on in place.  

Firstly, please do not volunteer anything on the part of Aussie Heroes without talking to me first.  That includes offering someone a quilt.   All I ask is that you check with me first – for one thing, there is a very good chance that the person may already be on my list and secondly quilts are given out on the basis of return to Australia date, particularly at this time of the year when lots of the ladies are not sewing as much as before.  Someone leaving in February will get priority over someone leaving in July.    Rarely do I have to say no, in fact I don’t think I ever have, but sometimes there might be considerations that need to be taking into account that you may not have thought of but which I am dealing with every day.

Secondly, please try and stick to the recommended size.  I know that sometimes you might be tempted to make you quilts a little wider or a little shorter than the designated 42 by 70-75inches.  Please don’t, or at the very least, please check with me.  This size works.  Some can accommodate a larger size over there but for the guys further out with little space a bigger quilt could be a problem.  One fellow wrote that his quilt was n his swag.  Ours are compact when folded and store away well.  They are long and thin so that they can be used to wrap around the soldier’s shoulders when sitting around a camp fire.  They are not to big to be used on a camp bed.  They are the right size to hand down beside the bed as a curtain.   So, as I said, please try and stick to the designated size.

Thirdly please make sure you include the complete label. That means exactly as worded and including the blog name and email address.     The blog details are important as they make it possible for anyone who sees the quilt to always be able to get in touch with Aussie Heroes.  Feel free to add your email address or add a second label but do not substitute your email address for the official ones.  I have had a few messages about quilts arriving in their location without the Aussie Hero details on them, hence the need to mention it again.

Sorry for having to go all “official” on you but it is better to put things in black and white than having any misunderstandings in the future.
And now to end on a funny note – someone who shall remain nameless – wanted a sleep in this week.  It was their first opportunity for a sleep in for four weeks  and the last chance for two weeks so it was pretty important.  The only problem was that they forgot to let their children know and two of the four kids rang up way too early!  Today they have been fined!  One roll of batting from Craft Depot each!  LOL
Bet you didn’t know what a good disciplinary tool Aussie Heroes is!
Till next time………………..keep spreading the word and happy stitching!