A little business on the agenda tonight  – the request lists for HMAS Newcastle are out.  I say “are” as there are around 30 people who have just requested laundry bags so I have split it up in to two lists, one for laundry bags and one for quilts.  If you would like to receive the emails and you didn’t please just let me know.  If you have a quilt in Quilts in Waiting and I have not given you a name for it by Friday morning please remind me  
And now on with the Happy Mail
Lynn sent up another four of her awesome quilt tops this week.  I love receiving this monochrome quilts as they are really easily for me to personalise which gives someone a quilt that suits their request with a minimum if effort from us.  That is what is going to happen to this one but no more hints at this stage.

I just LOVE the colours in this one!  Rich and warm looking!

Can’t beat a bit of added Aussie flavour!

Bev has been busy again and sent me four lovely tea towel laundry bags – any Melbournians out there need a bag?  These first two are up for grabs!

And these parrots always remind me of home!

Millie sent in three  more laundry bags which is always great.  One fellow I sent some to messaged me overnight and said “Hey JM, I received the box of three laundry bags today. I had the bags for all of 1 minute and then they were gone!!!!!”  Guess I better send him some more!

One of the lovely ladies from Stitching Hearts here in Sydney passed along these three laundry bags.

The outer ones have stripes and a small pig with the word “Hogwash”.  How appropriate for 7RAR.  Seeing as they are just about home I boxed them up and got them in the mail yesterday.  They will be the last ones I will send to 7RAR.

And finally we have a new quilter.  Sandra was reading the AP&Q Magazine and was just about to quit quilting when she read our article.  Look what she sent me!  Four gorgeous quilts.  Lucky for us!!!  This one is my favourite.

Time for me to get back to work answering emails.
Till next time…………………………keep spreading the word and happy stitching!