First up I would like to say a big Cheery Happy Birthday to Pauline S who turns 80 something today!   Pauline is one of our new laundry bag makers and we are really glad that you joined the team Pauline!  What a great first batch of laundry bags!

And this message appeared on facebook this morning (or at least that is when I saw it!) and I am sharing it here for the non-facebook followers.

Thank you so much for my beautiful quilt. I was given it by the Chaplain in Al Minhad and bought it over with me to Afghanistan. (I’m Navy by the way but working on the ground with the Army). It’s getting down to 1degree over night now and there is snow on the mountains so it’s definitely being used. Keep up the great work and know that your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Naomi and the ladies from the Berri Uniting Church also received a lovely thank you message for one of the quilts sent to the Peace Keeping Contingent in Egypt.

Good evening,

 I am just sending this e-mail to express my gratitude at receiving this beautiful quilt. I am very touched that people would take the time to make this for people like myself, so far away from home. The workmanship and quality of the quilt is to a very high standard.

Pls send my sincere thanks to the quilter who made it as well as the Berri Uniting Church who provided the fabric.
Laundry bags are continuing to be real winners – Julie’s recipient loves hers!

Hi Julie

I just wanted to thank you so much for my beautiful laundry bag. It is wonderful and I was so impressed that it even had my initials on it. Pink is my favourite colour and I just love it so much.

Both my mother and I are hopeless at sewing and most things creative so it was so fantastic that you have taken time out to make something so special and unique just for me!!! I will keep it forever. Also, it has come in very timely as some horrible person stole my normal issued bag from the laundry and I was using a plastic shopping bag. So again I cannot thank you enough. 

I wish you a very happy christmas and a joyous new year.
Many thanks and warmest wishes :  )

Now I have been meaning to add in this reminder for ages….but I kept forgetting!  If it is a while since you sent off a quilt and you haven’t heard if it has arrived don’t hesitate to job my memory. If I get word that a quilt has been received I always try to pass that info on direct to the quilter.   Sometimes I get a message direct from the recipient and sometimes indirectly from someone else who has seen them receive it or from the boss, friend or family member who requested it for them.  Nine times out of ten I pass those messages on straight away but occasionally I might be interrupted by life etc and it slips my mind.   I usually go back and double check my messages at the end of the night to make sure nothing has slipped through but nights have been a little late over the last couple of weeks so that does not always happen.   So, to be on the safe side, if a few weeks have passed and you have heard nothing feel free to send me an email to check if I have heard anything.  I usually allow three weeks before I chase anything that has gone to Dubai and four weeks before I chase anything that has gone to Afghanistan. Having said that though post can be very unreliable.  For example I just heard last night that a quilt Miranda sent on the 25th of October has just arrived and it was one of five for a team that requested them and they have been looking out for it.

Don’t forget the Aussie Heroes Sydney Dinner is coming up on Saturday 8 December.  Tomorrow night I will publish a list of those that have RSPV’d.  If you haven’t already please email Caroline on

Till next time……………..keep spreading the word and happy stitching!