Two of my quilt group mates turned up this morning and we got stuck into sewing.  Two quilt tops got finished but I can’t show you one as it is especially for a certain soldier and if it is seen on the blog it will spoil the surprise.  
Debbie worked on the star quilt that incorporates Celia’s stars and some I made.  I had all the rows sewn into groups of threes and Debbie finished the quilt top.
Sometimes, for no apparent reason, my laptop freezes for a few minutes and when that happens i just have to be patient and wait for it to thaw again.  As soon as I downloaded the photos on this post it froze and so I had nothing much to do but sit and wait and admire our work.  Boy am I glad that I did!  Spot the error! My error sadly.  That is all I am saying.  It will probably jump out at you but there were three of us there today and none of us noticed it!  Guess I will be doing some un-sewing tomorrow (too tired tonight).  Nevermind, at least I don’t have to unpick the while quilt and I still think it looks great, even if do need to do a little fix.  Anyone see what I mean?
 Sharon worked on the special quilt top that I can’t show you yet just in case someone sees it early.  And then she did the sewing on these bindings and a lovely green and white check that I have iron tonight.  These are for three of the quilts tops that are waiting to be layered. 
Mostly we use scrap binding for our quilts but sometimes we think a particular quilt warrants a coordinating binding and that is the case here.
 And while the girls did the sewing I did lots of cutting; the bindings for starters and then the border strips for Sharon and Debbie to sew and finally these dozen laundry bags.  LOVE that one on the top – noone will take that by accident.  I still have to cut the linings for all of them but that is a job for tomorrow.  
We had a fun day.  We worked hard and got so much done.  These days are always fun.
Till next time…..happy stitching.