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17 April 2019

Hi all….

Well, as they say… I’m baaaaaack.   Back at the reigns of Aussie Heroes and so full of gratitude to Gail for taking over and doing such a superb job.  There is no way I could have hoped to keep things ticking over from my hospital bed and not even during the first two weeks at home. 

I am not quite back to 100% yet, but things are usually a little quieter over Easter so that gives me a chance to slowly ease my way back in.  I have to say I have missed it…. but I still have to allow plenty of time to look after myself and my new knees… which I might add are coming along nicely thank you very much. 🙂

Now on with the stuff that you really want to read, the thank you messages that we all appreciate. 

Dear Pennie,

I truly appreciate your kind gesture which I have just received whilst serving here in the Middle East. It is an absolute cracker of a design, and I expect it to remain in the family for a long time. I will endeavour to get some photos to you soon.

I have approximately 3 months to go prior to returning to my young family.

From your letter I understand that you have a serving member in your family, I think that this gives people like yourself a greater understanding of the sacrifices Defence families make.
So, I also thank you for your contribution to our Nation’s security.

Yours Sincerely,


Good Morning Jane,

Thank you so, so much for my hero quilt, laundry bag and butterfly ornament! I love them! The timing was perfect – it was waiting for me on my first day in country – what a lovely surprise to receive such a thoughtful gift from a selfless stranger – it was the highlight of my first week! And made my shipping container room a million times more homely.

I first heard about AHQ as a freshly minted doctor in my first year of uniformed service. One of my colleagues who is now my mentor had recently returned from a trip in the Middle East and took in his AHQ to work to get some photos to send back to the quilter. I was so proud of him and also inspired to work harder in order to perhaps one day represent my country overseas and earn my own Aussie Hero Quilt.

Thank you for being able to accommodate my garden theme – I recently purchased a home built by an Air Force family in 1945. One of their first jobs post construction was building a veggie garden and planting a mini fruit orchard. Nearly 80 years later we moved in and have continued to care for the thriving garden. After a stressful day of work this is where I spend my time relaxing. Hence the quilt is a very special reminder to relax after work just as I would in my garden back home.

And thank you for the very special stained glass and metal butterfly – she will look lovely hung up in the undercover deck overlooking the garden.

Have a lovely day, and thank you once again for your time and kindness.

Hi Sue,

Thank you so much for the BEAUTIFUL quilt you made for me. Your time and effort is muchly appreciated
I love the unicorns and the colours you used.
This is my first deployment so I am very excited to receive it.
Much love

Dear Sue,
Thank you so very much for the lovely gift.
 The work that the volunteers do with Aussie Hero Quilts is just amazing. I have personally seen the reaction from people here when their quilts arrive, and it is truly special. I have dabbled a bit in all sorts of craft, rubber stamping, card making, candle making, folk art painting, knitting and cross stitch, but not very good at any of it..
   I am a medic/nurse in the RAAF. 
Take care 

Good Morning Marilyn,

Thank you so, so much for my laundry bag. I was so happy to open it. I couldn’t have picked better material for it (it was the one with the dairy cows). I’m looking forward to getting home soon.

Thanks again So much.


Hello Jenny,
First and foremost, thank you very much for the quilt, it is beautiful. Thank you for all of the hard work and love you put into it. I love the fact that it apparently looks like it’s for a 5 year old because we need things like this to add a little joy in our days.
Recently we passed the half way mark of our deployment which was a great point for us to see how far we’ve come.
Again, thank you so much for this beautiful quilt.

Dear Marilyn,
Thank you for the beautiful laundry bag and goodies you sent me. I received them last week and absolutely love the bag.

This deployment is my second one over here, and I will be heading home soon. It’s been a good trip with a fantastic team of people.

Please know your work with Aussie Heroes is appreciated by all of us, even when it’s not our own quilt or laundry bag, we love seeing the designs that others receive. You are all such an amazing bunch of people.

Thanks again, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.
Kind regards,

Hi Bronwyn,

I received the great quilt you made for me the other day after the parcel had done a bit of a tour around the place. I relocated to a different base in March, and it looks like the mail routing hasn’t caught up just yet.

The quilt definitely fits the brief, thank you! I will treasure it as a memory of my time spent over here for the rest of my life, I’m sure. Thanks for your hard work and effort spent on it. Everyone gets quite excited when another quilt comes in and we get to see how it came out.

I have a few more weeks left over before I head home my fiancée, so I can’t wait. Looking forward to some time off work with not much planned at all, just spending time together, and good coffee.

Thanks again for the lovely quilt, and your kind words and taking the time to tell me about the family and not to forget the pets! I hope you have a happy Easter coming up.

Very respectfully,

I received my quilt today absolutely amazing work Jenny N, love my Tiger quilt. Thank you so much for your time and effort.

Good morning Jan-Maree,

I serve on board one of Her Majesty’s Australian vessels and when alongside in Sydney last year you presented a few blankets and laundry bags to us.
I did receive a letter with them from the wonderful people who crafted them but I have lost them.
Please can you pass on that I love them, they are beautiful and will be on my rack for the remaining of my sea going career.
Thank you


Hi Wendy,

I would like to say I wanted to send you an email for well over a month or more but with work I’ve unfortunately haven’t had much time. Time is flying past way to quick.

To the quilt, it is absolutely amazing! Far more than I could have ever thought of. I can’t thank you and the team enough for all your hours and hard work put in. I tell everyone about it and show them photos.

Thank you for your service to Australia and AHQ. I hope you are able to continue this great organisation because it truly brings joy to service personnel and their families. It has created a lasting memory for ours!

Thank you again and sorry the late reply! I hope you and your family are travelling well and wish them all the best into the future!


Good afternoon Margaret,

I just received my Aussie Hero Quilt and I absolutely love it. I am so grateful for the time you and all the other quilters spend giving us these amazing quilts.

After spending nearly all my adult life in one State and loving my football, your quilt will be a lovely reminder of home while I am on the other side of Australia.

Thanks again for the quilt and the lollies. I plan to put them to good use.


Hope you all have a great Easter!

It is sooo good to be back


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