Grati-Wednesday 10 April 2019

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10 April 2019

Gratitude post 10 April 2019
After the Townsville floods, Jan-Maree sent a batch of laundry bags to a contact in Townsville to distribute as he saw fit. Most of them were given to defence personnel, but some were given to civilians who performed above and beyond.
One of these was a wonderful woman who, despite her own home going under, continued to help others in the community.
She sent us a lovely message:
Dear Helen and Jan-Maree,
Today, the wonderful Ray presented me with one of the most beautiful, handmade gifts I have ever received. As I read the letters enclosed within, I welled-up with tears. I was one of the people impacted by the floods in Townsville and it has been a very challenging, often exhausting 2 months. Receiving this gift from you, knowing it has been made with love and care and concern, has touched me very deeply. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! While I am not a veteran, I have been working to support the veteran community here in Townsville, and it is therefore a tremendous honour to have this gift bestowed upon me. I can only return your gift with the broadness of my smile.
With much love and gratitude,
And on with the rest of the messages:
It is with great pleasure that I can inform you that I have received the quilt and it has taken its rightful place.
Reading through the ‘Aussie Hero Quilts’ letter that came with the quilt, I noted the reference to the soldier (Garry Robinson) that was returned to Australia, via Landstuhl regional Medical Centre in 2010, with a US quilt. While I had not recalled the link prior, ironically I was part of the evac team bringing these wounded warriors home, whilst mourning our fallen heroes of the same event. Thus magnifying the importance of this wonderful quilt warming my deployed bed.
Unfortunately, there was not a contact point for those involved in the creation of my quilt, though I would be grateful if you could pass on my sincerest thanks to the Penrith team (Rachel and Deanna) as well as Bev F.
The gratitude expressed through Aussie Hero Quilts is touching, both personally, here on deployment, dealing with those experiencing physical and mental trauma every day, as well as the most important recognition of the sacrifice made by those families at home, making such service possible.
The quilt is amazing!
Good Morning Samantha and Sandra,
I received my laundry bag and the quilt yesterday in the mail in excellent condition… even the Timtams and lollies did not melt!
I will present this laundry bag as well as other patches, flags, goodies on my return to Australia to my close friend who was not able to join me on this deployment.
Thank you again and I greatly appreciate the many hours I am sure were spent on the design and  making of the quilt/laundry bags!
Dear Jennifer,
Thank you so much for my absolutely beautiful quilt. It was such a lovely gift to receive (along with the chocolate and beanie), and you absolutely hit the nail on the head with the colours and images. It’s nice to have a quilt that really touches home with all the different parts of me that I love. The colours are also beautiful and just perfect.
I am deployed as a Service Delivery Manager for the Middle East Region. I absolutely love my job, I spend a lot of time on my feet walking the base, speaking to people, negotiating with contractors and just generally working with a diverse range of people and personalities. What is truly rewarding is I have the ability to make real improvements and effect changes that improve the life of the men and women deployed in the MER. I wish I could bring the job back to Australia, it has been a highlight of my career. Although I do miss home terribly.
I have a fiancée and pets waiting patiently for me. Being away from them has been a real challenge, not being able to cuddle them, talk to them easily or be a part of their daily lives. However, I only have a few weeks left until I am reunited with my family (but who is counting teehee). I am also looking forward to spending Christmas this year with my entire family. When we all get together, it is absolutely lovely. My mum and dad are currently travelling around Australia in a caravan and having the best time.
Once again, thank you so much for my blanket! I have used it every day since I received it, and I love the beanie and choccies.
Warm regards,
Good Morning Jennifer from a muddy and rainy and hopefully tomorrow a dusty place…
The weather here has been mostly cool (below 25 degrees) and very very very very muddy; whenever I finish walking anywhere, I have to clean my boots again and again…. And again…. Anyway….
Thank you very much for the quilt! I greatly appreciate the hard work by yourself, Kath, Tom and Mary!
The design is exactly what I imaginedI will cherish and display this quilt long after my return to Australia.
Thanks again!
Dear Bridget,
Thank you so much for the most beautiful gift that I received this week. The laundry bag is a lot of fun, although it would seem a shame to fill it with my very dirty clothing! I may use it for my sleeping bag instead. The quilt is a work of art. I didn’t imagine that you would create something so inspired! You absolutely took the suggestions I proposed to the next level. It makes me (and my Aussie room mate) smile whenever we enter our room. I’ve also taken the liberty of showing it to everyone I know over here. They are all equally overwhelmed with admiration.
It really means a lot to me to receive such a gift from someone who doesn’t know me, yet invested so much time to create this masterpiece. I am really proud to be over here representing Australia and helping Afghanistan. It is satisfying work and the Australian personnel here are incredibly professional. I have full confidence and trust in their support, along with that of the other countries that are here supporting Afghanistan. I do however miss my family desperately, as well as the softer touches of home. My family have had a few trials and tribulations whilst I have been away, which has been heartbreaking at times. Although I am happy to report now that they are more connected with each other than ever before. They have grown in confidence and independence whilst I have been away. I think my journey has strengthened us all. They are also impressed with the pictures of quit and are debating over who might claim the quilt on my return!
Your handiwork has brightened up my day, and my room, and also everyone who has had the pleasure to see it. I can’t thank you enough for adding this beautiful soft touch to my stay over here. I must admit you have brought me to tears!! I need to toughen up before I get back to work!
Sincerest thanks,
Good evening Clarissa,
Just wanted to drop you a quick email to say thank you so much for making me a laundry bag. It’s an amazing thing that you care for people that you’ve never met enough to make us something that makes life a bit brighter!
It makes me smile to know that kind hearted people like you are out there thinking of us. I told my mum that I received a laundry bag from you, and she was also amazed and glad to learn of your kindness. Mum is a sewer and she is thinking about getting involved with making laundry bags too.
Thank you again. I’m very grateful for your kindness.
All the best,
Hello Hilary,
Thank you so much for the Laundry Bag, it was a great surprise and a morale boost. It will be of great assistance whilst I am here in South Sudan and a great keep sake.
It was great to hear from you also and understand your connection to the military and the service that your husband provided and also the contribution that you and your family have provided that sometimes goes unrecognised. I appreciate the sacrifices that are made at home; my wife is a great inspiration to me and never ceases to amaze me how she is able to cope with life while I am away.
Once again thank you for your heartfelt gift and the support you provide to deployed personnel through Aussie Hero Quilts.
Hi Sheena,
I am writing to Thank you very much for taking the time and effort to make and supply me with your lovely laundry bag. Must be physic, as the day we all received our laundry bags from the base Chaplin was the day we sailed, and I forgot to bring my fishnet laundry bag. So again, many thanks, it certainly came in handy for our deployment overseas.
Again I would like to thank you for your lovely well needed laundry bag and letter. I know all the crew on this ship are using them frequently, as you go into the laundry and there is an assortment of colour and patterns which are very much suited to the individuals. Please, if you have the time, keep making them as I am sure the people that receive them appreciate what you all are doing to support us and I am proud to give your laundry bag a home with me.
Many Thanks,
G’day Pennie
Thank you so much for the awesome laundry bag, it’s been a God’s send as the bags here usually fall apart very quickly as they are cheaply made.
The detail and effort you have put into this is absolutely stunning and is much appreciated. Thank you so much for doing this for not only myself but other soldiers over the years and we are glad people back home think of us in such high regard.
Thank you again for your kindness and it means the world to us all knowing people back home care we are here and support us.
Kind regards,
Good evening Sue,

Thank you to you and Kyle for the superb laundry bag that I received. It is fantastic. And thank you for the Minties as well, they were a fine treat to receive.

Kyle, you did a fantastic job with the colours, the stitching is first class and I am not a great fan of a hot iron myself, but I’m glad you are okay!

Just to let you know that I cannot use it as a laundry bag where I am as we have special laundry bags with a number on them and they need to be mesh material and see through for security reasons.

However, I have found a really good use for it…….it is my pillow case and I put my head on it every night and think of the kind individuals who made it for me.

Thank you for your support. This laundry bag is going everywhere with me now. 


Good morning Pennie,

Firstly, thank you very much for the amazing quilt, I absolutely love it and can tell some serious effort has gone into making it – my colleagues here are pretty jealous.
I apologise for the delay in sending a message, I have been away for a few weeks working with the Americans. The end is in sight for us now, it has been an extremely busy but rewarding time here. I am looking forward to getting home and back to the family, spending this much time away does take a toll on the family. My wife has always been very supportive of the work I do and I am very lucky to have someone so understanding and strong as her.
Thank you again for the amazing quilt, it will certainly become a family keep sake and will travel with me when I next head overseas.
Hi Robyn,
My apologies for not writing to you sooner. I planned to after I received the amazing looking laundry bag however time got away from me.  Just today I received your quilt and I must say, I am blown away. It looks incredible, better than I could have ever designed or thought of myself, so I can’t thank you enough for the time and effort you put into it, it really shows and I can’t begin to describe how appreciative I am.
Thank you again for all your work, it really means a lot.
Firstly, thank you so much for the laundry bag that you made up for me. It’s those little luxuries when you’re away from your family that make a big difference.
What you do for us makes a very big difference in our lives and brings a smile to our faces.
Thank you once again,
Dear Pennie,
Firstly, thank you very much for my beautiful quilt, I absolutely love it. I am so excited to have something that will not only remind me of my time here on deployment, but also something I can have in my family for years to come. It is currently covering my bed, I love all the colours and how it brightens up my room.
Secondly, I would like to thank all the hard and selfless work you and all the members of Aussie Hero Quilts put in. It is so incredible what you all do, each and every one of us deployed personnel appreciates it all so much.
We could not effectively do our jobs if it wasn’t for the support we are given back home. I am very proud to be an Australian soldier and serve this country.
Thank you again, Pennie, for your generous gift. I am forever grateful.
Good Afternoon Wendy.
The Aussie Hero Quilt that you designed for me arrived the other day.
Can I say a heartfelt thank you for the amazing ‘100 years of ANZAC’ themed quilt that you and Lynn have so kindly made for me. I am absolutely wrapped with the detail and design of the quilt. You ladies have done a superb job!
My Grandfather served with the 7thField Company Engineers (7thFCE) in the First World War.
He was a Sydney boy born and raised and enlisted in Aug 1915 at the age of 21, when the unit was formed. (Trained at the Sydney Show Grounds)
The 7th FCE saw action in all the major battles the Aussies fought in between 1916 – 18. He was awarded the Military Medal for bravery whist fighting at Bullecourt Sep 1917.
He passed away quietly in hospital in Sydney on 25 April 1969 (ANZAC Day). He only missed two marches in his whole life.  Needless to say, my Granddad is my hero.
Make no mistake, your quilt will become a much-treasured family heirloom in the years to come.
Thank you again for the amazing ‘100 years of ANZAC’ quilt and for all your kind words, thoughts and prayers. They truly mean a lot to all of us serving overseas.
Kindest regards,
I thought I’d let you know that your amazing quilt has arrived and is well loved! You did such a great job. How did you learn?
The design was great and just what I was after. I’m not sure if you’re aware, even the swirly pattern is extremely meaningful in Ancient Greece/Cypriot culture. It relates to life, changing, and longevity I believe.
I hope that you are enjoying your travels prep and if you find yourself in my area this year feel free to get in touch!
Cheers & and many thanks from your new friend,

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