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25 February 2014

Back when I used to write my old Blog (Cherry Red Quilter) in Pre-Aussie Hero Days I used to care about how many blog posts I had written.  I might have had a giveaway of some sort – really just a way to promote the blog and lots of Bloggers do it.  With Aussie Heroes things are different and I don’t really have time to focus on things like that, but I did notice the other day that I was approaching another significant posting birthday!  I figured it was at least worth a mention.  So, tonight’s post is my 700th post for Aussie Heroes.  
No giveaways sorry!  Only to the Heroes!   
 If you want prizes you will have to enter our ANZAC Day Laundry Bag Challenge.

I know I usually share photos of our Heroes and their quilts and I never name them but this is a little different. When one of our recipients told me that he had a blue cattle dog at home called Tango that became the theme for his laundry bag (and possibly his quilt but I can’t say as he has not received it yet.)  Michele was able to embroider this very handsome blue cattle dog which I sent to 17 year Amy with some cattle material and she sewed up this awesome laundry bag.  Once he received his laundry bag he sent it home to his wife so that she could show it to Tango and take the photos.

Meet Tango!

Our recipient tells me that he thinks she was pretty impressed with her name sake!

This week has been a great one on HMAS Darwin.  They received their first mail and that included a few quilts and a box of laundry bags.  Happily that also means we have received our first thank you messages.

At my request Joan sent a box of laundry bags so that the chaplain could show them around as the crew did not know about them.  We sent five and it seems they disappeared in short order and when the chaplain wrote to me to say thank you he said he was still getting people knocking on his door asking if he had any left.  Needless to say we will be sending more laundry bags to HMAS Darwin as they become available.

The following three messages came from recipients of those first laundry bags, including the chaplain.

Hi Joan and Robin,

I am the Chaplain onboard HMAS Darwin.  We haven’t met yet, but I just wanted to let you know that I received you package today with the laundry bags in it.  It was such an amazing gift considering we have never met.  I opened the box in the Wardroom and people were literally arguing over who deserves one the most! 
The people I did give them to will be writing to you.  Thank you so much for your generosity.  We are all missing home so much at the moment, and these special gifts remind us why we do what we do and keep us in touch with home.
You have made some sailors really happy today and I hope one day we will be able to repay the love that you have shown us.
Every blessing,


Thank you so much for the wonderful laundry bag that I received today 22 Feb 14.  Incidentally, it was my birthday today and it, along with the carepack that arrived by Replenishment at Sea somewhere in the middle of the Indian Ocean, made my day in a big way.
I received a yellow and green bag with my favourite activity which is camping.  I love the fact that it can be reversed and you have a nautical side with anchors and the like.  It is certainly made with a whole lot of care and well wishes and that is immediately apparent to the touch – I almost did not want to use it for laundry!  It has taken pride of place in my cabin and has certainly brought a hint of colour and brightness, individuality and happiness to my little piece of real-estate within the Mighty Warship Darwin.
I understand that your son is also in the Navy and so I am even more proud to have received this gift as the Navy always seem to have a greater family back home.  
Lastly, I cannot thank you enough for the bag – it certainly will bring happiness in a place that can be at times a bit lonely and far from home.  Please know that your bag will have a special place in the Wilson household when I get home.  Thank you

Dear Joan and Robin, 

I was a lucky recipient of one of your laundry bags..  Thank you!!!  Funnily enough, the bag I was given suited me rather well – I got the one with green trim and farm pictures – featuring cows… I am originally a country girl, with a family history of cattle farming!!  My parents have recently moved from their cattle farm (to a smaller (hobby) farm!), so the bag very much reminds me of them and home!   I was extremely excited when I heard that you guys were around and doing this for us…..  All of the girls in the mess who have already got their quilts/laundry bags are the talk of the town and much envied by those waiting / that didn’t put an order in..  If I could sew (even a little bit!!) I’d definitely help out – it is a wonderful thing that you are all doing and we are all so very grateful… Thank you!!! 
Again, thank you so much for your thoughts, time and effort – the contribution that you have has put smiles on a lot of faces and improved morale noticeably!  In just one day!!!! Pretty sure the girls that have received their items will be hanging on tight to them with pride and joy for a long time to come…  I almost didn’t want to use mine!!  It’s too sweet… But I think now that having it out and being used is the best thing as it’ll continue to bring a smile to my face thinking of my family and the lovely people who made it for me! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   
Wishing you both all the very best of health, fun and happiness 


For a quilt that Stephanie T has sent off – our first quilt recipient from HMAS Darwin

Dear Jan-Maree,

                I am happy to say that I received my quilt today thank-you very much for the gift, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I requested one but I love what I have received it put a smile on my face and I’m sure it will continue to do so for the remainder of my deployment. Thank-you very much.
all the best, 


and now for a couple of thank you messages from those on the ground.

Dear Julie Ann,

You made a laundry bag for me and also sent it with a few little treats that I gobbled up very quickly.
I really appreciate all the work kind people like yourself put in for Aussie Hero Quilts in order to bring joy to soldiers over here in Afghanistan. I have been lucky enough to receive a deployment quite early on in my Army career and I feel so very lucky to be part of the whole picture over here. I really really am enjoying myself, more than one could expect really.

Thank-you again for the laundry bag, makes life easier than you think.

Joan & Robin,

I received my lovely laundry bag in today’s mail.  Thank you so much.  It looks too good to be used to put my dirty laundry in it!  I will hang it on my door to add a bit of colour to my sleeping quarters. 


And finally I have a special message for one of my “distributors” on the ground.  She is one of those special people who cheers herself up by making sure that everyone around her is having a good day.  She organised the Australia Day celebrations for her area and goes out of her way to make sure everyone is well looked after.  I didn’t find out it was her birthday until last week so there was no time to send her a special parcel, or even a card, but there will be one in the mail soon.  In the mean time, although I can’t name her, she will know who she is, and I want to wish her a very

I can’t send you a cake but if I could it would look just like these as I know these would tickle your fancy!

I hope you have a really happy birthday and that those around you return the favour and spoilt you rotten in a sugar free kind of way.  xx

Till next time……………………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

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