Grati-Tuesday and we have LOGO!!!

Written by AHQ

5 August 2014

The Tri-Service colours to represent all three services and our defence civilians.  It is unmistakenly Australian and it says who we are.  I love it and I hope you do too!

EXTRA BIG THANKS to the wonderful girl who took my ideas (and Joan’s) and drew it up for us for the paltry fee of some of my ANZACs and Chocolate Chip Cookies!
Thank you!!!

Hi all. 

Hope you have all had an awesome day. I certainly did.  I took a big bagful of parcels to the post office this morning and came home with another bagful of parcels that I picked up and all of the surprised.  There was a fabulous Aussie Flag quilt from Fran W, two gorgeous Aussie quilt tops from T Doyle,  two more great quilt tops from Pam D, and some BOMs as well.  WOW!  that was a nice surprise!   Photos will be in Caroline’s Happy Mail Post tomorrow night.  

HMAS Toowoomba set sail from HMAS Stirling in WA on Saturday, bound for the Middle East and Operation Manitou.  

With the new shorted deployment we need to be more proactive with getting the quilts and laundry bags done and so this time we started whilst the crew was on their pre-deployment work up and also their pre-deployment leave.  I am pleased to say that we have already sent over twenty quilts and a bunch of laundry bags on their way!  

For every parcel that is sent I send an email to the recipient to let them know it is on the way.  Being able to anticipiate the arrival of your quilt or laundry bag is part the Aussie Hero Experience.  I always info the chaplain on these emails and late last night I had an email from the chaplain and I hope he doesn’t mind me sharing part of it with the names changed to protect the innocent of course…

I just passed AB Whatshisname in the passageway and told him that his quilt was on its way today.  It was something that I wish I could have filmed.  He came down this ladder looking like the weight of the world was on him, and then after pleasantries were exchanged I asked him if he got his email.  When he looked confused I told him that he had been sent and email about his quilt being sent today.  His face was beaming like a child receiving a Christmas present when they never expected to get one.  The next ladder he descended the steps with much more bounce.  You and your team are doing great things in this business…. thanks again.

After reading that I have to say that AB Whatshisname was not the only one beaming!

And we have some more reason to smile with our thank you messages.  This first one is a little special and in case you are wondering I sought, and received, permission to publish this gentleman’s message…..

Dear Evelyn

Thank you so very much for the quilt, it is amazing. It adds plenty of colour to my otherwise dull and dreary bed space. A few of the guys over here have received quilts through the program and all are very much cherished.

A bit about me. I have just clocked up 25 years service with Army having spent 15 of those years in Artillery before changing over to Signals. This is my second deployment to Afghanistan, 2007 was my other, and I also went to East Timor in 08/09. 

As for the running, it is my ‘hobby’. I have always enjoyed jogging but never took it seriously until 2011 when I was diagnosed with a sleeping disorder and depression. I had lost the will to run and needed a challenge. After some internet research and reading some books I decided that a 24 hour race in Brisbane would be my target. I trained for a good 6 months and when I showed up at the race I discovered I had entered the national titles. Somehow I finished 4th overall, 3rd male and have been hooked on 12/24 hour racing since. Due to work I have not raced since 2012 but that should change next year when I move to SE Qld. The altitude here helps and I still have 6 months left before I head home. My family are also great supporters of my hobby.

Thanks for what you and the other ladies have done, please pass this email on to Christine and Robin if you wish. I like that you also do quilts for other organisations, those that are far more worthy of us serving members. 

A big thanks for your support 

This is the quilt he was sent – top made my Christine C, Runner added by Evelyn and quilted by Robin!


Hi Joan and Robin,

I am writing to thankyou for your laundry bag! I am a junior officer in the RAAF currently serving in Afghanistan and received your bag to help me get all my clothes too and from the laundry on base. I am very grateful for your time and generosity in making the bag and I will definitely continue to use it when I am back home in Australia!

Keep up the good work as the soldiers, sailors and airmen appreciate gifts like this immensely when serving in these remote locations!

Thanks again!



Good Afternoon Rachel

I can’t thank you enough for the gift you have sent me.

it is so lovely and really did brighten my day. 

i appreciate it so much 

Thank you 


Wow, absolutely love the laundry bag. Thank you so much.

Sounds like to have a very smart tribe with so many engineers!
Once again, thank you very much for the laundry bag, makes the routine task a little brighter.


This quilt was made from a panel that I bought and sent to Lynn.  The quilt top was then quilted and bound but the dynamic duo, Evelyn and Robin.   


I am glad to say that i have recieved the quilt and i am over the moon about it, it is amazing, thank you guys at Ausie hero quits for making this happen. 



yes my amazing quilt has been received and has been keeping me warm on this cold transit back through Australia and an email was sent a bit over a month ago. once again many thanks! love my quilt and all the work that has gone into it 


This email comes with an apology to all the mums, wives, girlfriends and partners whose parcels are set aside till the Aussie Hero Quilt parcel is opened ……I am sure it is just so that they can take their time and savour yours….

Hi Maree,

I’m writing as the owner of a new, fantastic quilt and laundry bag. I’m sorry for taking so long to write to you, it has been a very busy deployment, but we are almost home!!

I received my quilt and laundry bag at the start of June when we were in Dubai. At that point we were 5 months into the 7 month trip and I had only received one package to date. I had been expecting care packages from my girlfriend and family for a couple of months but they never turned up, despite the numerous large mail drops for other members of Ships Company. On this particular day in June, we received a relatively small mail drop and I didn’t give it any thought. I later walked through the Wardroom to see a huge pile of mail in the corner which was all mine. I think my mail had been following the Ship around to different countries for several weeks and finally caught up all in the one go! I received 8 other packages that day from my girlfriend, family and friends but I was most excited about opening the quilt. 

When I listed “Scuba Diving” as a hobby for my quilt, I was worried that this theme would be too difficult. I love what you did with both the quilt and laundry bag, especially the underwater material and silhouettes of the divers and the “OK” signal. I quickly put my quilt on my bunk as a prized possession and the laundry bags does wonders to brighten up my locker. I look forward to using the quilt on the couch when I get home (now that it’s winter) and taking them both with me when I go to sea next! Please also thank the other people who contributed the blocks with the crosses. I agree with your kids, the quilt “is just like a bought one, only better” and “really sick”.

We reach Australian soil in the next couple of days and then we will be home in Sydney in about 12 days. I look forward to being at home with my partner, good coffee, normal food and some time to relax.

Thanks again for the thought and effort you put into the wonderful quilt and laundry bag.
Take Care, 

You might recognise your blocks in this quilt.  We sent Blocks of the Month (BOMs)  to Maree and she put this awesome quilt together.


Well that is all from me for tonight.

Till next time……………..keep speading the word and happy stitching!  JMxx

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