Grati-Tuesday 9th April 2024

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9 April 2024


Happy Tuesday Friends!

A great range of “thank you”s this week. 

The photo may not be the human owner of the quilt but who could blame their four legged pet wanting to claim it for their own with its own kind all over it!

Grab a cuppa, sit back and enjoy some well deserved gratitude!


Good morning Clarissa! 

This morning has been a most joyous one. I am the recipient of a wonderful laundry bag covered in our Australian flag. 

The service you and your community deliver to us serving members is greatly appreciated. I know this statement to be true because of the excitement I have observed around the news of these bags having been delivered. It is the time and care spent making such items that is the secret driver of such excitement, though the designs themselves are great enough. 

Knowing there are people out there in the community that choose to spend such time and care, make the moments of physical and psychological tribulations far easier to shoulder. 

I am a Tasmanian born, twenty two years of age and a member of the RAN who holds a deep love of learning and personal development. I joined a little less than 4 years ago as an Electronics Technician and I remain happy having done so. Starting from humble beginnings it is my dream to elevate my position through furthering my education and following personal passions.

Having heard about your family and its success fills me with further motivation to at least emulate some fraction of that success. I want to congratulate you on such, as I know that it takes much diligence and persistence to strengthen and embolden those you love the most day in and day out. The culmination of your personal, occupational, relational and family success is a blatant testament to a character I can safely assume to be strong and great.  

Once again I thank you and all of those in this valued community for delivering such a quality service.

Good Morning Deirdre B-L,
Thank you so much for our Corgi quilt!! It is clearly a high quality job and so gorgeous! And thank you for the lovely long letter.

My time in the Middle East was quite stressful, so when I got home I was extra grateful to receive this wonderful gift. 
My wife, children and I all love it. We have two Corgis (Eevee and Scooter) and my wife is a dual citizen with the UK so this quilt is so perfect for our family!
I look forward to sharing the work that you and Quilts for Hero’s does for our ADF people along my travels. Your contributions do make a difference and will not go unnoticed. It’s people like you that make our world a better place for everyone! 
Thanks again for allowing my wife to visit and we are blessed to have one of your beautiful quilts to display in our home! 

Good Morning Sue G,
I just wanted to extend my sincerest thanks for the laundry bag that I received from you.
The beautifully crafted bag very much fits my personality with vintage wine labels on the pattern.
Please let me know if there is anything you need from me. 
Thank you again!

Hi Colleen S,

Just thought I’d send you a big thanks for the laundry bag. It has come in very handy whilst being over here in Germany and I really appreciate your letter.

I have had a good time over here (1 more week to go). I finally have been able to deploy and serve my country internationally which is why I joined.
Thank you again for your kindness and generosity, hopefully I’ll get to take the bag on many more deployments in the future!


Hi Pennie T,

Id just like to say a massive thank you for the quilt.

I have enjoyed my deployment over here in Germany and have only got one more week left before I come home which is exciting.

I appreciate the very kind and generous efforts you have gone to and hopefully I’ll be able to take my quilt on many more deployments in the future.


Good Morning Clarissa L


Yesterday I received my Aussie Hero laundry bag with the horse scenery design.


I am grateful and appreciate the time and thought you put into the design, I’ll be reminded of being home often!


I’m in the Navy working as a Communicator on board HMAS Hobart. I’m from Young NSW and am a country lover at heart.

I’m currently living in Sydney, and enjoy taking trips to visit the beach at Dee Why. Like yourself, I also love bushwalking.


Thank you,

Good Afternoon Rita J, 

Words cannot convey how much I love the laundry bag and the quilt you made for me!!!

I have just returned from travelling around to receive your two parcels.

The laundry bag is perfect and I’ve put it to use straight away.

I would also like to send you a big Thankyou for the books and treats!!!! I had run out of books to read, so this should see me through and hand to others members when I leave.

Can’t wait to get back home to spend quality time with my daughter who is 14 and just finished term 1 of year 9. 

Love the names of your dogs, we rescued “sammy” from the Hunter animal rescue and I’ve recently purchased a blue staffy for my daughter and she named her “Lana”.

Sounds like a great move and environment and please know that your contribution in volunteering really does put a smile on the dial.

Hope you had a fabulous Easter and a great weekend.

Again, Thankyou

Warmest Regards

(Marianne R & Philomena H helped with the quilt)

Dear Ann S,


Thank-you so much for your beautiful quilt that you have made, it goes above and beyond anything I have imagined. I really appreciate all the hard work and efforts you put in to my quilt and others. They are a massive vector of morale for those spending time away from home and family. Everyone in camp is always so excited for mail, it is extra special when we see it’s from someone who’s made us a quilt. I hope this email can serve as a small token of appreciation to you and the other volunteers that put in so much effort and care to make us smile. I know this is a piece I can cherish for the rest of my life so thank you very much!


I would also like to thank your family for the sacrifices they have made associated with you Dad’s service. The New Guinea campaign was incredibly tough and often doesn’t get much recognition from the public. I am in awe of the incredible hard yakka those who have donned the uniform before me and the commitment they have made to our country. But importantly, thank you for your family’s support of your Dad. The military is unlike any other job and has so many unique aspects, but having the love and support from family and those at home makes tough days a little easier. Service can have massive impacts on veterans lives while in service and through discharge, so thank you for caring for Aussies diggers, sailors and aviators and continuing your Dad’s legacy of service.  


I have two young nieces who like your grandchildren are full of energy and have many sporty hobbies. I look forward to going home and watching them compete hockey, swimming and dancing. They are very proud of have an aunty in the Army especially with ANZAC day coming up. I hope I can inspire them to chase their dreams and goals, even when they’re challenging. I cannot wait to be home and have some leave to spend time with them.


I hope you and your family are well, and again thank you very much!


Kind Regards

Good Morning Sonia J,


I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the laundry bag.


I was lucky enough to pick out of nearly all that arrived on the ship at the start and chose your design with the Llama’s on one side and the beautiful flowers with the orange background on the other.


We are currently away at sea and with the good routine the work clothing and gym clothes pile up so a well made laundry bag like the one you made has been a godsend.


You must be so proud of your son for also being in the Navy. My job on the ship is in Logistics so I order all the parts for the ship and the most important thing (toilet paper).


Thank you for taking the time to make something so special to us as it does mean a lot instead of the Navy issued white net bags we are given. It is something I will use in my career for a very long time.


Good luck with all the future sewing (I know how fun it is to buy new fabric).


Kind Regards,

 Until next week keep your letters, emails and photos coming in.  

Tuesday’s would be so totally boring without them!

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