Grati-Tuesday 7 May 19

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7 May 2019

Just before tonight’s Grati-tude post I have a Gratitude piece of my own.  

I had an urgent quilt that had to be made over the weekend and in the mail by Monday.  Huge thanks to Kristy who jumped in to come and help me put it together on Saturday. Also to Gail who came in the afternoon and finally to Philomena who quilted the quilt, bound it, added the label and posted it on Monday. 

Awesome effort ladies. 


and now to the thank you messages from our recipients
Hello Jan-Maree (or Gail if you are still on email duty)

I just wanted to write and thank-you for the incredible work you do arranging quilts for our deployed people. I was really moved when I received my two parcels by not just the work that had gone into the quilt and laundry bag, but also the letters that were included in the package (and the cheeky pack of tim tams that came as well – they are good as hard currency with our allies and so a few favours were earned by sharing those around!)

Again thankyou for the work you do!


Dear Pennie
Thank you for the beautiful quilt. Everyone was jealous that it wasn’t theirs.  I appreciate the time you spent creating my quilt.  iI is something that I will keep for ever. 

Lots of love

Good Morning Mary,

I just want to take a minute to let you know how much of an amazing job you did with my laundry bag. I am a Navy Clearance diver currently deployed.  Your bag arrived just a few days after ANZAC day and this marks the halfway point for me so it really lifted my spirits, not to mention make my US counterparts extremely jealous! I gave the Tim Tams to them as they are like gold over here.

I sincerely appreciate the effort and time you put into making this for me and rest assured it will get great use for many more years to come. To your husband Barry pass on my thanks also as I am sure he has something to do with this in the background.

One of my best friends is a Hawaiian descendant and loves to play the ukulele when we are away on work trips.  It definitely helps pass the time and relaxes you after a long day. Good luck with the Mah Jong this week  I hope you beat them all.

Keep up the amazing work and thank you for supporting us Australian service men and women.

Very Respectfully


Dear Philomena,

I am a Navy Clearance Diver currently serving on operations in Afghanistan. I too am from Sydney.  The one thing I miss most about being over here is not being able to go for a swim !

Your time effort and attention to detail in making a quilt that has a story will be forever treasured and I am sure one day my children will use it to keep them warm. Your story about previously living in the middle east and swimming and diving in the red sea are stories I can relate to. Although I have never been to Oman I hear it is a magical place and is definitely on my list to tick off one day.  The treats you snuck in there are also greatly appreciated  as we definitely do not get much in way of treats out where I am. I would also like to take the time to say thank you to your husband as I am sure he is helping out behind the scenes week in week out.

Once again from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU, and words cannot describe how over joyed I am with your gift to me which I will treasure for life !

Very Respectfully

Dear Jo,
 It is with much appreciation I received the beautiful quilt you made. It is a work of art and I would like to thank you, Mary M and Sandy C for making it. It will definitely brightened my room! The service you are providing to our deployed soldiers is welcomed and appreciated and no doubt brightens our days.
Once again thank you very much for this beautiful quilt, it’ll remain a cherished possession and remind me of the kindness of my fellow Australians. 
Dear Lynn and Wendy 

A quick note to thank you very much for the quilt that I recently received from you both on behalf of Aussie Heroes. It was an unexpected but very welcome acquisition and will get a good work out over my tour. The design of the quilt is superb and I was struck by quality and detail of your work. I also want to thank you for the goodies magazines that accompanied the quilt, I was able to share these with my work colleagues. Tim Tams are always a hit over here!

It was wonderful to read about your families and your connection to the military. From my perspective I have been serving in Army for just over 28 years having joined in 1991. This job involves coordinating the movement and resourcing of NATO forces in Afghanistan as well as working with key Afghan leadership to advise in the coordination of their forces. It is a very busy job, the plus side of this is that the time goes quickly. I am originally from Melbourne where my parents and brother still live.  I am based out of Canberra and live with my wife (also Army) and our son (19) who attends  University and daughter (17) who is finishing her final year at school. I have just returned to Afghanistan after spending a couple of weeks back home which was a nice break.

Finally, both personally and on behalf of the Australian Defence Force,  I want to thank you for the efforts you go to in recognising the service of men and women who are deployed on operations. These soldiers, sailors and airmen and women  are a long way from home and work some very  long hours in difficult conditions.  Your recognition of this service, and the fantastic work done by Aussie Hero Quilts, is greatly appreciated.

Dear Fran T

I was pleased to receive your excellent RAEME quilt and laundry bag in the mail and I would like to take the opportunity to say thank you for your generosity in creating my quilt and laundry bag.  In reading your letter, I was appreciative of the support that you provide and have provided to many other charities previously.  The lollies and biscuits that you also sent were a nice touch.  It was very humbling to receive your support from at home and I appreciate your generosity to myself whilst I am away on deployment.

I thank you for your ongoing support to deployed Australian soldiers.

Yours sincerely

Hi Jan-Maree (or Gail!),

Just wanted to let you guys know that I have just received my quilt and laundry bag which are both fantastic!

I am one of the warfare officers onboard responsible for running the ops room and the team of sailors in there which involves long watchkeeping hours and not much seeing the sun! It’s great to see the effect on morale for the team with getting gifts like the quilts and bags from back home. Please pass my sincere thanks to everyone who was involved in their creation; you guys do some great work.

All the best from Starboard Ops Watch,

Hi Sandy and the Aussie Heros Quilt team at Coffs Harbour (and especially Jo H and Di G),

I’m writing to thank you for the wonderful quilt that I’ve received in the mail. I received the quilt around two months ago (so I’m very sorry for the lateness of this email); however, I’ve only just come out of a period of heightened operations, so have only been able to email you now). We’ve just come out of a very cold extended winter period in Afghanistan, so I was really happy to have the quilt, as it was able to keep me warm during the cold snowy nights.

This is busy job that has seen me travel across most of Afghanistan (something that I never thought I’d have the opportunity to do). I had never stepped on a helicopter before until I deployed into Afghanistan, now I think I’m pushing 100 helicopter rides (crammed in with ten of my closest coalition mates all wearing body armour and carrying various weapons… not quite the Qantas or Virgin flights I’m used to!). Conditions are austere here, but even more so for the people of Afghanistan.

Travelling across Afghanistan has been fantastic though, my appreciation for Australia and our way of life grows every day when I see what local Afghan people have to endure on a daily basis. It also tightens my resolve knowing that we’re doing the right thing supporting the Afghan people, so that their future at least can have 1% of the freedoms we have. Like what everyone says over here, the days are long and slow, but the weeks go quickly.

Every time someone in the Task Group receives a quilt with the Aussie Hero Quilt badging all over the box, the mood lifts considerably and everyone is able to take a few minutes to think about Australia, our home, and those who think about and support us.
It has been a very busy six months, and I am close to returning home. After months with no days off, I’m looking forward to having a bit of a rest, and a quiet beer or two with the family over a BBQ.

On behalf of myself, and I can very confidently say on behalf of all Task Group Afghanistan personnel who received your quilts, thank you for your support! This wonderful quilt is something that I’ll be able to treasure for many years to come as a memento from my time in Afghanistan.

Till next time keep spreading the word and happy stitching.

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