Grati-Tuesday – 5th Mar 2024

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5 March 2024

Happy Tuesday Friends!

I hope you are all having a great day. 

Here is this weeks collection of gratitude and love!!

Grab a cuppa, sit back and enjoy some well deserved gratitude!

Dear Laura C,


I can’t express how thankful I am to receive the laundry bag from you. It was very good timing because my old bag literally split open the day before, and the one you have made for me is so much nicer.

I am also extremely grateful for your wonderful letter, I really enjoyed reading about your life and your adventures overseas, I may be a little jealous of planned trips to Germany and France. I’m hoping when I return to Australia I can take my family to South America and do a little immersion in the language and culture as well.  


I would like to tell you a little about myself as you were very sharing in your letter. I have served in the Army for just over 10 years now. I have had a couple different roles in the Army, I have worked in the Cavalry. I then spent 18months in training and became a Combat Medic. I further studied in my own time and completed my Bachelors Degrees in both Nursing and Paramedics. I am married and my wife also works in the Army. We have two children together, my daughter is 5 years old and my son is currently 11 months old. All together I will be in the Solomon Islands for 7 months straight, this is obviously very difficult. I will miss my daughters 6th birthday, my sons 1st birthday and my Wedding Anniversary. I only mention this to help you understand just how much a gesture like you have shown means to someone like me. It helps make it all worthwhile and I am so thankful for it.  


I just so happened to deploy to Fiji in the past. It was in response to a cyclone. We established water treatment plants and rebuilt some schools. It was an amazing experience. Like all Pacific Island nations the Fijians were extremely nice and welcoming. That deployment was a different to this one because my Wife actually deployed as support too. We travelled by Navy ship so my wife and I were able to spend a lot of time together going to the gym or to meals etc when we weren’t working. It was an amazing experience.  


Once again, Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart I was so happy to receive your gift.


Enjoy your next cycling trip,

Good Afternoon Lesley B,


I just wanted to email you and say a massive thank you for my quilt and letter. It fits the criteria perfectly.

I have just returned from annual leave. It has been a very nice surprise to come back to.

Again thank you for all your amazing work.

Kind Regards.

Dear Bobbie S and the Mystery BOMers,


I recently received the wonderful gift of an Aussie Hero Quilt made by you and the Mystery BOMers.

I joined the RAAF in 1990 and met my wife about 30 years ago, we adopted a daughter in 1999. My wife received her quilt in November.  Words will never describe the humbling and emotional moments when we received the quilts; suffice to say we again found out that we are not alone in our battles and discovered new energy to continue fighting through. 

I have attached pictures of the quilts my wife and I received. 

Thank you again to you, the Mystery BOMers and Aussie Hero Quilts.

Bobby S and the Mystery BOMers 


Hi Laura C,

I was presented with a hero laundry bag last week.  It is amazing.  Thank you so much for the time, thought and effort you put into making it.  I absolutely love it. It shall be put to good use.  I especially like the Ricky Stuart patch – well done.
Retirement is not as easy as I thought. I don’t know where I found the time for work when I was still serving as I am so busy. Retiring to the coast gives us plenty of things to do, coupled with some travelling and we have little time for much else.
I applaud your involvement in hero quilts and will treasure what you made for me.
Thank you and good cycling.

Warmest regards,
Laundry bag by Laura C & Quilt by Kirsten O

Dear Lisa N, 


I really received a quilt from you. All I can say is the Thank You!!!


The quilt you made is simply amazing. The thought, care, love, dedication and attention to detail/theme was incredible and a testament to your talent and obvious love for the task.

All the laundry bags and quilts being received by

the Officers and Sailors of HMAS Huon have all been ooohh’ed and ahhh’ed over and I spent most of the morning showing mine off! Thank You once again- it means more than you could know!

Dear Shirley D,
Thank you so much for my Aussie Hero Quilt – It is fantastic and even better than I expected. As you may be aware, I was a little reluctant to take up the valuable time of the Aussie hero quilt team as I knew that you do such great work and I didn’t feel worthy. I am proud of my career in the military but I know there is so many real hero’s out there but I am so glad persistence paid off as I think the quilt is something that I can hang on my wall for years to come. Thanks so much for the addition of the sleeve at the back which has enabled it to be hung in my study using a curtain rod extension that my wife had.
Speaking of heros, it was great to read about your connection to Defence and your father being a Rat of Tobruk. I remember studying about the conditions in these areas of conflict and can definitely say it was a lot harder in those days in going on deployment to war zones than we get to experience now. It must be a great feeling of pride to be related to one of the famous Rats of Tobruk or any WW2 veteran for that matter.
The quilt itself is fantastic – I am a mad Essendon supporter so I love the Bombers theme and it was perfectly designed, and nothing I would have changed. I do love my flags so I am really happy that they were added.
They did a great job in giving me a speech to present the quilt. I wasn’t aware I was getting presented it when we met up so I wasn’t dressed up for the occasion but it was a great surprise. 
I have been very lucky to have a great family life first as a kid in Melbourne but visiting Geelong often as it was where my Mum grew up and where her family were mostly living. We had a lot of great times and we often visited.
I am now living in Canberra with my beautiful wife and our two kids (13 and 10). We are now relatively settled in Canberra and we consider ourselves lucky that we don’t have to move as much now as most of the jobs as a senior officer are in Canberra. Hopefully I don’t have to move around too much for the rest of my career cause the family is pretty settled now.
Anyway, just wanted to really thank you for such an awesome quilt and an ability to hear about the great organisation that Aussie Hero Quilts is and learn more about the people that support our troops. I am honoured to receive it. 
Thank you so much for your service to those that serve – I am sure you have made many Australian Defence Force people happy to receive such support.


All the best,

Dear Wendy B,

Thank you for the expertly crafted laundry bag you made for me. I have both received and been using the bag constantly. It fits great with my bunk area and I love that it incorporates different aspects of the Harry Potter theme; both the sweets from the Bertie Botts and the flying candles and owls from the Great Hall of Hogwarts Tower. Thank you for brightening my day.
A little about me. I am originally from Victoria and come from a family of 5 (not including pets of course). I always wanted to join the Royal Australian Navy (as my mother kept speaking highly of the Defence Force from her earlier job in the RAAF), but thought it would be easier for me to get a degree before joining with the help of the Government HELP system. Therefore I started Victoria University to complete my degree before joining, but kept up-to-date on different jobs the military had to offer. Although I have only started my career in the Navy recently it has encouraged my younger brother to try his hand at service and he joined the Australian Army in 2021. I am very proud to be Australian and love my job. 
Thank you for the hidden treats, they come in handy on the long days at sea.

Kind regards,

Hi Cath H,
I recently received your parcel containing your amazingly crafted quilt. I would just like to say a quick thank you for your generosity as it is really appreciated and I think you have done a spectacular job. 
I am in the Navy and was embarked on HMAS Brisbane last year. Unfortunately I didn’t get to use the quilt whilst I was away but I will be sure to take it on my next deployment. When I am home I live on the south coast of NSW, with my partner and our dog Loki. He is a English Staffordshire bull terrier that has been with me since being a puppy. He is now just over 5 years old. He is mostly well behaved however I don’t have the expert dog training experience possibly required. Nether-the-less, he is a super friendly to people just sometimes other dogs may be an issue. 
Thank you again for the quilt and sharing your story.


Dear Aussie Hero Quilts,
Late last year I was given a quilt by your organisation. It was made by Cathie J.
The presentation  was done at Simpson Barracks here in Melbourne. It came as a complete surprise to me at the time. I was extremely grateful for the nice word on the day.
The quilt is outstanding and I am very proud of it. Since the presentation life has gotten in the way and I haven’t had time to say a huge THANKYOU.
The quilt was placed on my bed and is of great comfort to me in rehab.
So please pass this email onto Cathie for a beautiful quilt that has provided me with the security I have needed in the dark times I faced and the inspiration to go onward and beat my defecits.

Thankyou so so much

Hi Kirsten O,
I have just received the quilt that you made me, and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!

Thank you and WOW!!! It is incredibly perfect and has left me completely in awe 🥰 🥲 I can feel the hard work and thoughtfulness you have put into making this quilt, and the overall quality of your craftsmanship! I really do appreciate the time you have put into making this, and please know this is now something I really cherish.

Thank you for volunteering your time in doing this. It may be a side hobby for you but your work is really making a big difference to all those who receive your creative quilts.

Thank you again and keep up the incredible work!


Until next week keep your letters, emails and photos coming in.  

Tuesday’s would be so totally boring without them!

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