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19 March 2013

Tonight it is not only the gorgeous Heroes who are sharing their gratitude but also me.  
Firstly, thanks for spreading the word everyone.  
We now have 1000 followers on facebook!!!
Talk about spreading the word.  

We also have more requests coming in.  I did say that more would come and that sometimes it takes a while for the word to spread and for people to get back to me.  Not only do we have more requests for those yet to deploy but also a few more for those already over there, some with not very long to go but because we have Quilts in Waiting I have not had to say no to anyone!  Requests have been coming in steadily since yesterday and also, and most gratifyingly I am hearing from new quilters daily as well. 
Happy Dance!!!

In the next few days (that basically means when I have time) I am going to email my volunteer list with the latest developments that I won’t go into on the blog.  By that I mean who is going where and when.  I try to be deliberately vague about that as I am not party to the briefings that go on abut such things (obviously) but I know from experience that some details are not shared outside family and friends as a general rule so I try to err on the side of caution where possible.

If you want to be on the Volunteer Email List please let me know.  I have a new policy though – you need to have actually made something for us, or be in the process of making something for us to be added to the list.  Also if I haven’t heard from you for several months you may find yourself removed from the list just to control the spread of information.

And my last thank you of the day goes to these wonderful people and their colleagues who for one reason or another could not be there.  This group are all from one particular camp, and I don’t mention places on the blog, but a lot of you who have sent quilts and/or laundry bags to this location will have already received a thank you card, especially printed with this wonderful photo on it.   This gorgeous group, lead by one special ringleader, who shall remain nameless for the usual reasons, banded together to raise funds to keep Aussie Heroes going.  I don’t like to mention the amount donated as I am not sure that is appropriate however let’s just say they have made a very generous contribution to the funds that I will use to buy the batting needed to keep the volunteer quilters busy with all the quilt tops that I receive!  

Thank you so much guys!  You are the best!

You also might like to know that this photo is my screen saver and makes me smile every time I look at it!
Thank you!

Now it is time for some thank you messages from others.
First up for Caroline from HMAS Toowoomba.

Dear Caroline
I send this email thanking you for your kind gesture in creating quilts for sailors and soldiers currently on their tour of duty. 

Trust me when I say your quilt is being well used. It is the little things you forget that make a big difference. The Bright colours of the blanket really do brighten my day.  I thank you again for your kind words, I can ensure you we are all remaining safe whilst hoping to do Australia proud.

Receiving parcels like yours can really change the spirit of the crew and is much appreciated

Thank you again.

Hi Rita (M)!

I recently received the amazing quilt, laundry bag and pillow case you made for me and was blown away by the quality of them and the thought and time that went into making them!

It has been bitterly cold here and your quilt definitely made a difference in keeping me warm and comfy in the little down time I get!

I can’t believe you actually saw my Xmas message (One of the messages home from the troops), amazing coincidence! I will be home in a few months and can’t wait to see my dog and be able to enjoy some sunshine!
Well, thank you so much again for your efforts! I, along with every soldier, sailor and airman who receive quilts from you lovely people are forever thankful and brim with pride to know that folks back home are thinking of us and appreciate our efforts!
Caz and I collaborated on this quilt – I am afraid I did the easy part, the applique, and Caroline did all the rest!  The word we had passed back is that he loves his quilt and will be passing it on to his son when he comes home.

Good evening Jill (S),
I would like to say a massive thank you for the package you sent. I

received it in the mail yesterday and can say it was a fantastic surprise
to receive it. Very much appreciate all the work put into this. It looks
amazing and brings that feeling of home here whilst in being in the middle
of the desert, so again a big thank you.
I haven’t heard of Aussie Hero Quilts until now and sounds like a great
organization. I’ve heard a few people receive packages over here and it’s a
great feeling knowing work we do over here is appreciated in some way.
You certainly do a lot for the community by the sounds of it with all your
hard work. I thank you for that, it’s people like you that make our jobs
that bit easier.
I am curious how Aussie hero quilts work. Do they have lists of personnel
over here?
Oh this gift brought plenty of cheer and fun that is assured. Thanks.

Well, that’s all folks.

Till next time………………..keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

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  1. Janine C

    Great photos and letters and even I recognise at least one person in the group photo, who seems to love the underside of her quilt as much as the top side. Well done AHQ

  2. Sue Niven

    a fantastic post, Love the pictures and congrats on 1000 followers on facebook.


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