Grati-Tuesday 30 Jul 19

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30 July 2019

G’day everyone… 

Here is your weekly dose of happy… doesn’t everyone need a little happy in their lives. 

Enjoy these messages.

I received my quilt today and I am overwhelmed by how good it is. I can tell you have put in a lot of effort and time and I appreciate everything you have added to it. I will cherish the quilt and take good care of it. This is my second deployment and I always kicked myself for not requesting a quilt on the first one, but it was worth it to receive this masterpeice 😁. 

Thank you very much for your kind words in your letter – it is always good to hear that people care about what we do. You will be glad to hear that you nailed the bombs, where some may not be in our inventory I still recognise them.

It is also great to receive a quilt from someone so close to home. I was born in Inglewood and grew up in Texas so I know the region well. I moved to Nerang at the Gold Coast to finish high school where I joined the Military in 2007. I now live in the Sydney region with my beautiful wife and 3 children of which I can’t wait to show the quilt.
Once again thank you so much. You have made my week.


Dear Pennie,

I have just returned from my mid deployment leave feeling very sad about leaving my family. However…… the first package I opened was my beautiful quilt and laundry bag from you. It is simply beautiful and I cannot express how much it means to me to receive it along with your lovely handwritten note and photo.

The time and service you give to the Aussie Hero Quilts is a terrific example of the Australian spirit, your efforts make a huge difference and I am sure anyone who has received one of your beautiful quilts would feel the same way I do right now.

I will send you a photo – can you please confirm your home mailing address?

Warmest Regards,

Hi Pennie

I have to say from the outset, thank you very much for the lovely quilt. It’s obvious you put a lot of pride in your work as the end product is quite amazing. It certainly will add some colour to my living space as you suggested. 

As to your question, I am a native Sth Australian, but posted to Brisbane for a few years. My wife and I live in the Adelaide Hills  and have one daughter

Kind Regards 


Hi Marilyn
Thanks for your beautiful laundry bag that arrived here in South Sudan recently. It is a wonderful gift, and I (like my colleagues) am humbled by the support you offer us.
I joined the Army in 2008, through RMC in Canberra and have spent most of my career as a logistics Officer. Here in South Sudan (UNMISS) I am working in a Human Resources planning role and enjoying the job, if not the time away from my family. My family lives in Canberra and we have two beautiful boys.
Whilst in the Australian Army, I grew up across the ditch in New Zealand, and will always be an All Blacks supporter which upsets my wife at times!
Thanks again for your gift – it will be well treasured. 


Dear Shirley,

I am a soldier in the Australian Regular Army, currently serving in Afghanistan as part of Australia’s contribution to NATO’s  Resolute Support Mission.

I would like to take this opportunity to personal thank you for your kind and thoughtful gift. The quilt is now on my bed. It is always nice to receive mail from Australia  and also to know that members of the public are proudly supporting their deployed personnel. It is always a boost to a soldier’s morale to receive mail especially from generous members of the public like you. Although it is difficult to be away from home in  a hostile country I am personally very proud to be serving my nation.

My role is as a mentor to key staff and instructors at the Afghan National Army Officer Academy. The Academy is producing committed and well-motivated junior officers  to lead the next generation of the country’s Defence and Security Forces.

In closing my sincere thanks for your support of Australian Defence force personnel, and good golfing.

To Ruth S for one of her laundry bags….

I would just like to give my massive gratitude to you. It looks amazing!

It put a massive smile on my face.

Power supporter. We can still be friends after your team crushed us earlier this year. 

Thanks again Ruth and very much appreciated. 


Hi Ruth,

You made my day and everyday when I see this wonderfully crafted laundry bag, it is so beautiful, I loved it so much. Thank you for taking your time to make this laundry bag.

I’m very delighted, thanking you once again. 

Hi Sue, 

You made me my laundry bag. It is excellent and exactly what I wanted! It’s always so nice to get something from home, and to see that someone has put so much work and care into making this for me is really something. 

It is hot and dusty at the moment. Plenty of wind and the air is making it hard to breathe in the outdoor gym sometimes, so I’m looking forward to getting home soon to breathe some fresh air. 

I am deployed as one of the Force Protection Section Commanders. Upon my return home I am getting married to my high school sweetheart – she appreciates the gesture you’ve made just as much as I do. 

Thankyou for YOUR service, and the work you do in continuing to support us. It makes a big difference, I promise. 

Have a lovely day,

I have received your beautiful laundry bag and I am quite overwhelmed and I really appreciate your time, efforts, hardwork and personal thoughts/values put in to this while making such a wonderful present for me. 

Once again, I really appreciate and thank you so much for such an amazing present. I assure you, it it going to live with me now forever.

Till next time… keep spreading the word and happy stitching!


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