Grati-Tuesday 27 August 2019

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27 August 2019

Love love love these messages.  

They spur me on to do more of what I do.. I wish that was sewing but that is not always my role in AHQ… but I hope it spurs those of you who sew for us to sew more. 

Hello Aussie Hero Quilts! I’ve been meaning to fire you all a message of thanks from the Submarine Support Group in Perth, WA. We received 10 amazing laundry bags which were provided to members deploying in the near future. Every one loved them and will get in touch with the makers in due course. Thank you for the touching service you provide to the men and women of the ADF.

Gday Jenny! 

Thankyou very much for the absolutely amazing quilt you made me! It was delivered  today at my battalion in Townsville as we left Iraq before it arrived. The attention to detail is really amazing! Although It didn’t get to keep me warm overseas I’m certain it’ll get a lot of use here in Australia.  Thankyou again Jenny! 


On his 2017/2018 deployment, my husband recieved a quilt from Aussie Hero Quilts. Our other kids are older now, but our new addition can enjoy the quilt as a play mat for a while longer. Thank you to the gorgeous humans who take the time to make these with love, they mean more than just a nice present.


Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening Lynn
First off I have to say a massive thank you. I received my quilt this week and I was absolutely shocked at the quality and design. It was PERFECT.
So I took the quilt from the package and first thing that got me was the colours. The colours that you used were amazing. I love them. The inclusion of the quote was something else.
My grandfather’s name was William and I had a very close relationship with him. I lost him last year. I jumped on a plane to go and spend some time with him following an injury he had sustained. I landed in Melb only to discover that he had passed whilst I was in the air flying to see him. My son was born in 2007 and due to the close relationship with my Grandfather I gave him, as a middle name, William. My son’s first name is Blake. So to receive the quilt with a quote by William Blake just gave me goose bumps, in a good way.
I read your letter and again there were certain things that stood out that was quite incredible. You say you live in a town near Sutherland in NSW and have been there for over 40 years……I was born in Sutherland Base Hospital 40 years ago. I am not sure if you believe in miracles but I think you were made to make my quilt and include that quote.
I am so blessed to have such an amazing piece of work created for me and this will be treasured forever. To know there are people out there that want to do something for us here overseas, is very humbling and appreciated by every member deployed.

Thank you again for such an incredible quilt.”

Good morning Jenny,
I recently received my Aussie Hero Quilt that you so expertly made for me. I am truly grateful for the time, passion and effort you have put in to making not just this one, but all your contributions to this wonderful cause. I was looking forward to receiving the quilt and was not disappointed. I’m glad you found an affinity with the family theme and I really like the additional touches you put into the family tree (blue bird and stars). The colours of all my football teams (Manchester United, Western Sydney Wanderers and Essendon) was the icing on the cake and your creation now has pride of place (alongside photos of my wife and children) in my accommodation here in Egypt. Thank you also for the little surprises of the Tim Tams and chocolate; both a welcome and delicious inclusion.
Once again, thank you for your effort and the continued support you and your colleagues provide to our serving men and women. It is a little touch of home that helps soften the absence of being away.
Kind regards,

Gday Beverly I hope you are well.
Thank you so much for the hero quilt. I love it, its awesome and greatly appreciated. 
Thank you for your letter as well, it is always great to hear from people back home. 
I had no idea that a program like this existed. It definitely makes us feel appreciated for what we do. 
Thanks again Beverly I wish you all the best and God Bless you.

Kind Regards,

Dear Melissa
My apologies for such a late reply, I had originally typed and sent this email about a month ago, however we have been having a lot of trouble with the internet here, and to my surprise I found this email in my outbox instead of my sent. So again my apologies
I want to start by saying thankyou so very much for the wonderful quilt! To be completely honest, I was not expecting something so detailed and extravagant as the one you have sent me, and was over the moon when I ripped open the box! Also the Tim Tams where a very nice touch! So thankyou again! You definitely have a very busy family by the sounds of it, and I am impressed you found the time to even make the quilt! 
I grew up with my mum taking myself and my brother all over the country side to play footy (rugby league), so I can definitely empathise with how busy you can be! By all accounts in your letter, you seem to be very proud of your family and the accolades they have been achieving, which is unreal to hear!

I have been in the Army about 5 and a half years now and this is my first deployment in that time. I have 6 days until I’m home. Although I have thoroughly enjoyed this deployment, I cannot wait until I am back in Australia. It has been extremely hot here, and the air quality has been very poor, so the first thing I want to do is drink a beer on the beach, and take in the sights and sounds of the ocean (and breathe nice air). I think one of the best things that I have realised is how lucky we have it in Australia. I know a lot of people say this a lot of the time, but that phrase never really never had a lot of substance to me until I came here.
Anyway Melissa, thankyou so much again for the wonderful quilt and detailed letter.

 Definitely put a smile on my face and mentally took me away for a while whilst I read your letter. Say hello to your family for me, and please keep up the good work with the hero quilt initiative. I know all of the boys here are extremely grateful for all the hard work you do, all to put a smile on their faces.

Got to love our Military Health Care Teams…. thank you all for what you do and for this heartfelt message. 

To all the volunteers at Aussie Hero Quilts

Thank you so very much for the amazing quilts and laundry bags that you have made for us.  They have brought a huge smle to all of our faces and have given us a lovely reminder of home.  We truly appreciate all the work that you do to support us whilst we are away from our friends and family on deployment. 

We are a health team made up of Doctors, Nurses, Medics, Scientists, Radiographers and Pharmacists.  We work hard to keep the troops on deployment healthy.  Thanks again and keep up the great work, we all think you are pretty extraordinary!

From the ANZAC Health Team. 

Till next time… keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

Jan-Maree xx 

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