Grati-Tuesday – 23rd Jan 2024

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23 January 2024

Happy Tuesday Friends!

To say these letters are inspirational is an understatement…..

Grab a cuppa, sit back and enjoy some well deserved gratitude!

G’day Anne H,


I have received the quilt. Thanks so much for your time and effort, and thoughtfulness. I appreciate it, I’m now on HMAS Adelaide so it will be a talking piece in my cabin (which is also my office).




Hello Greg,

My quit arrived in the mail today.  It is absolutely amazing.  It was well worth the wait and she (Cath H) captured the essence of everything I wanted it to be.  It could not have come on a more perfect day as well.
I have some gratitude and thankfulness to express to the lovely quilter and I even have a tear in my eye as I am writing this message.
Words can not express how much it means to me.
Thanks you again and to Cath H who is truely inspirational.

Take care

Hi Kerry B,

I had the lovely privilege of getting a quilt you made though Aussie Hero Quilts. It is the perfect addition to my rack (bed) at work and will keep me warmer when it’s always freezing in the messes. The grey tones in it very much suit me and I love it!!


Good morning Pat G,


I hope this email find you well and that you have had a great Christmas and New Year? I hope during that time that you were able to see your family?


Thank you so much for the effort that you put into the items you make. This is the 2nd time over the years I have received something and I can tell you that we all love and appreciated them. Those gifts can at times be the highlight of a very long and at times stressful trip. I have been a fanatical Broncos supporter since I could understand the game. I really appreciate the personalised note on the quilt it made me smile. I have not had a hand stitched quilt since my mother made me one as a young fella many many years ago. This fantastic gift will now grace my bunk on the ship so that all can see who the best team in the NRL are, I do make it know verbally during the normal season but now they can see it year round.


So thank you again and know that your handmade gifts are not just appreciated by the sailors but also our families.


Dear Lesley B,


I was thrilled to receive the quilt you made, it is absolutely beautiful. The words you wrote in your card were really touching and I’m so grateful for volunteers like you who commit to recognising the service of the people of the Australian Defence Force. AHQ embark on such an honourable endeavour and I am truly thankful for the time you have spent crafting such a wonderful piece.

The quilt is perfect.


I have just finished my posting and am thrilled to be commencing further studies starting next week! It is a great opportunity to prepare for such an appointment.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Kind Regards,

Hi Kathy W,

My quilt has arrived and I couldn’t be happier with the quality. 


Hi Barbara D,


Thank you so much for the quilt. You were spot on and the quilt has brightened up my room. I’m thinking of making it a wall decoration when I get home.


Thank you again,


Kind Regards,

Dear Lynn K,


I received your laundry bag this week and I must say I was absolutely blown away! The attention to detail and fulfilment of the brief was truly second to none. By nailing the Hydrographic theme this bag will now be a constant reminder of my time in that space and the wonderful individuals that contribute to it. So I sincerely thank you for your work and the effort you put into my laundry bag, and you can rest assured it will be treasured for years to come.


Kind regards,

Dear Kathy W,

Thank you so much for making this beautiful quilt. I absolutely love it. I’m also glad you enjoyed creating it. The Navy is so grateful for people like you who put in so much work and care into making these quilts. I will treasure it forever. 

I hope this finds you well….

Hello Ann S,


I recently received the lovely laundry bag and quilt that you made. Thank you for taking the time to make these, the designs are great (think I got the best of the bunch.)


All the people here highly appreciate the quilts and laundry bags. Once again thank you.


Kind regards



Until next week keep your letters, emails and photos coming in.  

Tuesday’s would be so totally boring without them!

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